2CH 1170 Sydney


I remember Kel Richards presenting a religion based chat show on Seven late Sunday nights back in the 1980s and he didn’t appear youthful then. I’m surprised he has been around this long.


He was born in 1956. According to wikipedia still a spring chicken? :grinning:. Compared to Bob anyway.


Actually born in 1946!


Yes a big typo.


If 2GB eventually relocates to the new Channel 9 building in North Sydney will 2CH end up at Belrose?


Tim Webster set to be announced as Bob Roger’s replacement on 2CH


A great signing for 2CH I’d say. Has been grossly underused at MSR stuck away on weekend evenings.


Their most recent Facebook post refers to “Classic Hits 2CH”.

Cherie’s changes are showing.


I wonder if any talk will creep in a bit. It is a great signing.



Still leaves afternoons to fill and what about Johnny Young?


Sorry my mistake, media release says he will work 9 - 3, modern technology I guess. Maybe Ian Rogerson will be on air from 3 - 8


Interesting to see the increase in live hours. The implication of the media release is that Chris Kearns will be live until 1am. Certainly bucks the trend for music stations and is good to see


The announcement of Chris Kearns’ new show suggest there’ll be a light talk element, so it wouldn’t overly surprise me if Tim Webster eventually does something similar with his 2CH shift.

If I’m being honest, it actually wouldn’t be an entirely bad thing because the 2CH programs will most likely be in different format to those on the ABC, 2GB, MSR and 2SM.

Could be temporary until 2CH finds a new afternoon presenter? Bob used to do 9am-1pm, with Kel Richards presenting between 1pm & 3pm weekdays (in addition to the Sunday Night Openline program) until he left.

Speaking of which, I note with interest that there’s currently no mention of the Sunday Night Openline program in the schedule on 2CH’s website. Hmm…

I agree. Hopefully there’ll be a positive effect on the ratings for 2CH.


I wouldn’t be totally surprised if we hear one day soon that Pete Graham has been tempted out of ‘retirement’ to join the 2CH team for a weekly show. I think the kind of show he presented at 2UE/TL - music with some chat about the stories behind the songs and artists and a few fun quizzes - would fit in well with the direction in which Cherie seems to be taking the station.


Suggested by thesub1 maybe move Bob Rogers to Sunday evenings and free up Saturday night for a return of Pete Graham


Interesting it is referring to the station as 2CH Classic Hits.

Will we see their logo reflect this new positioned at some point? The blue looks a bit too easy listening at the moment.


It interesting they throw some song no other stations plays.


Sorry for caps, it the way 2ch does the song title.


And more usually spelled Mas que Nada


Though I wonder if 2CH can have any kind of “talk” as I imagine the sale of 2CH may have involved a non compete clause with 2GB and 954, in the same way as I suspect that 2GB and 954 can’t really play music to compete with 2CH?