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If Only JLS Media And EON Broadcasting Join Forces to Launch Classic Hits EON 1629, Broadcasting the Hits & Memories Of The 60’s, 70’s & 80’s.


This was one of the reason why I used to listen to 2CH because it had the full 128kbps to the one station and therefore had very good quality audio.


Had a comment from another family member earlier this evening lamenting the lack of a news bulletin on 2CH at 6pm on a Sunday, eventually tuning around the stations until one was found on WSFM (who if I’m not mistaken, usually run some form of news until at least 7pm on weekdays and possibly also weekends).

There’s something Cherie needs to work on, not a great look (or more to the point, sound) when an FM music station seems to be better at news than an AM one!


I personally believe that 2CH needs a complete revamp on weekends, particularly Sundays. I have been ranting on about Sundays for quite a while now. As for the news bulletins which come from Macquarie it seems they have a “B” team reading during the day Monday to Friday and shared on weekends but they appear to chop and change a bit.


Kel Richards has left 2CH, awaiting announcement on replacement, possibly Nick Bennett


Wow, there’s a surprise.

If I’m not mistaken, Kel Richards had been the presenter of the Sunday Night Openline show (which realistically will be kept, but personally hope will be axed one of these days) since Ross Clifford left about a decade ago.


Pete Graham??


It will be interesting if Kel Richard’s show is replaced by another Christian talk show or not. Nick Bennett is a Christian and has worked for Hope 103.2. Pete Graham is a Christian, I understand, Catholic I think, but would he do a Christian-based program? Both would do a much better job than old Kel.


I guess I’m on my own with this, but I will miss Kel Richards’ Sunday night show. Sure, some weeks it felt like the same content as the previous week, but I found the show comfortable and friendly to listen to even when it touched on difficult subjects.

It reminded me a bit of the first incarnation of “Open House” on Hope 103.2 when Sheridan Voysey hosted it, except that Kel is more conservative and had an older-skewing show.

Good luck to 2CH with whatever comes next.

I won’t be surprised if Kel retires from full time work, but I hope this frees him up to fill in on 2GB occasionally as he used to do when 2CH was owned by Macquarie.


Renewal is required. This is a good start.

Retrenchment means that 2CH have at least afforded him some sort of package to farewell him.

Trevor and Indira resumed at bfast on Monday and were off to a great start, recalling their holiday highlights and lowlights, great listening.


Suggestion: Move Bob Rogers to Sunday evenings and put Pete Graham on Saturday evenings.

Bobs softer format would fit better on a Sunday.


That is unexpected. Perhaps he might be ready to semi retire. I did see him and in my imagination thought he was younger, I saw him went I tried to win a Lexus , unfortunately my key did not work.

My grandma does not enjoy the talk on Sunday night, so I think it may just work having music. She really likes Bob Rogers show on Saturday.


Dave Gibson is a great third voice on the 2CH bfast show, impressed by his contributions too.

The music is in desperate need of repositioning. The world has moved on, many of its audience have to heaven too.

Talk component at breakfast is good, the music is not.

With three voices on bfast, they can leave the ‘more music’ muzak to Smooth and provide an alternative, ie. pick their own sphere of songs.


That’s actually not a bad idea. The slower paced Reminiscing program would be a decent fit for the more “reflective” Sunday evenings.

Yep, I agree.

To ensure that 2CH not only survives but thrives in the long run, the music format needs repositioning before all their remaining listeners move to Rookwood Necropolis and the like.


Someone who was 20 in 1975 would now be 64. For some reason I always think that the 60+ age group were teenagers in the 1920s. The average 64 year old would have been listening to 2SM in the 70s. It was their parents who were listening to the Beautiful Music on 2CH.

I often think that radio stations think that “seniors” spent their younger years at dance halls. Today’s younger seniors were more likely to have been watching live bands and drinking beer and spirits on a Saturday night. They may have mellowed but their lives are not quite in the Jane Austen era.


And a lot of people over 60 listen to mainstream popular music. Not everyone that age is swooning over Andre Rieu.


Someone said to me the other day “40 is the elderly of the youth and 60 is the youth of the elderly”.


Thanks for that Nick :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: In '75 I was 30! but I don’t like Smooth or Magic when it was on in Melbourne or 2CH when visiting Sydney. Give me some good old fashioned rock and new rock as well! I switch around the MMM’s DAB stations, mostly Greatest Hits or Modern (pity about the ads though). 2CH does have a place though for those who like ‘dreary’ music. :laughing:


There are so many songs from the 70s and 80s that stations like 2CH could use as a point of difference. I’d rather listen to good music on AM than bad music on FM. Mind you the sound of 2CH on DAB is amazing.


Meanwhile, the station is currently looking for a General Sales Manager: https://www.radioinfo.com.au/jobs/2ch-general-sales-manager