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Bob Rogers had a stroke on-air on 2CH five weeks ago, but at 91 he is determined to go back to work full-time six days a week despite his family wanting him to reduce his work load to one day per week. Rogers expects to be back at work soon, and says he will retire sometime after turning 100.

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I’m all for working as long as you want, but really? Does the audience still want to hear him?


From what I can tell (admittedly going by the 9am-midday ratings, while Rogers’ is on-air actually on-air until 1pm), Bob Rogers actually presents 2CH’s highest rating program on weekdays, with figures around the 4-5% mark during the surveys we’ve had this year. Not quite Hadley-level ratings, but respectable compared to how 2CH goes in some other timeslots.

No idea how his Saturday night “Reminiscing” goes in the ratings, but I’d imagine that it’s reasonably popular with the 65+ demographic!


Maybe Bob Rogers is trying to enter the Guinness World Records



He’s had the elderly quiver in his voce for over 15 years now. Unsuitable for commercial radio.

If you wonder what I mean by ‘elderly quiver’, listen to community radio and some oldies on there.


For being the first to die on air? :rofl:


Yes, I know exactly what you mean.


Surely they could just get him in the studio for a few weeks and voice track the next decade of his shows…


Bob Rogers announces his retirement:


Now this is massive news for 2CH, the retirement of the presenter who hosts the station’s highest rating (albeit not quite Hadley-levels, but still respectable figures compared to other timeslots) program on weekdays.

Judging by the audio it sounds like Bob Rogers might still do “Reminiscing” on Saturday nights, but personally I hope that program will eventually be phased out in favour of a more upbeat music program focusing on 60s/70s music which has been missing from Sydney radio since “Saturday Night Live” with Pete Graham finished up on 2UE/Talking Lifestyle on Easter Saturday.


Congratulations to Bob on a long and distinguished career!

74 years in the one industry is a truly remarkable achievement.


I wonder how many people starting off in the modern era of radio will last that long.


Unfortunately, I’d probably have to say none. If it’s even still around in 74 years time, I’d imagine that radio will be a very different beast to what it is now.

But back to 2CH. I know he’s also getting on in age, but one wonders if Gareth McCray (when/if he returns to the station from long service leave) might pick up Bob Rogers’ old role next year?


Well done Bob, happy retirement. When I lived in Sydney, way back in the 70’s, I used to listen to Bob all day on a Sunday when he was on 2KY before it became Sky Sports. From memory he did his show from 9am until 5pm. Can’t remember all the guests he used to have on but remember he had his daughter Sheridan on sometimes.


Well done Bob on a stellar career.

The same cannot be said for whoever edits his voicetracking. Way too much chopping.


God how badly edited are his breaks?? It sounds like he doesn’t take a breath, they just remove any and all gaps.



So it looks like Lawsie wins this one.


Yes, I think 2SM have the same problem with their news bulletins, at least the ones that go out on their FM regional network.


If Only BOG could buy 2CH and share news Services with 2SM, 1170 is a Stronger Frequency for Ratings anyway if BOG do buy 2CH, The 60’s and 70’s Music would go to 1269 and 1170 WOuld Become a Hybrid Talk/Lifestyle Station.


is there that much difference between 1170 and 1269 in terms of signal?