2CH 1170 Sydney


Starts April 30th


Hope they continue to play plenty of music and not just talk. Maybe Chris Kearns will get a permanent weekend gig now.


2CH doesn’t play any Rock Music the way Classic Rock Radio in Melbourne Does, so 2CH is Probably the Last Remaining Metro AM Station in Australia still play Oldies.


And 6iX Perth?


I think the new/relaunched breakfast show with Indira Naidoo & Trevor Sinclair might do OK in the ratings.

Of course I don’t expect ratings on the level of the established Sydney breakfast programs but with a bit of external promotion (something 2CH rarely does) and retaining a decent balance between music and relevant content in the talk breaks, it should at least get more listeners than Macquarie Sports Radio 954.

As per the on-air tagline, “Easy Classics” is the current format for 2CH.


Cruise 1323 Adelaide and, to an extent, 4KQ Brisbane?


Though 2CH has been known to play Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway To Heaven”, so can we say that 2CH doesn’t play rock music? There probably have been other songs in that vein that they’ve played too.


I’ve heard them play “Blinded By The Light” by Manfred Mann yesterday afternoon, which can be considered to be a ‘classic rock’ song.


Idea for 2CH during the Daytime is to have More Religious Programming given Sydney is Australia’s Most Religious City.


I personally think 2CH running somewhat religious-themed programming on Sunday nights and short messages regularly played during other timeslots from the NSW Council of Churches is sufficient enough for a commercial station.

There are stations predominately focusing on the Christian (Hope 103.2) and Muslim (2MFM 92.1) communities of Sydney…and there’s probably also religious programming on other stations available in the market that I haven’t taken into account.


The religious content on 2CH is very old fashioned, more the old 2CBA-FM than Hope 103.2. What is on Hope really wouldn’t fit in with the 2CH format.


You Would’nt want to hear Oldies on 4KQ, Cruise 1323 or even Classic Rock 1377 which does’nt have Announcers.


Somehow I can imagine that the target demographic of 2CH (which if the regular advertising for funeral providers and nursing homes are anything to go by, are probably 55+) wouldn’t mind hearing oldies!


Looking at the average audience ratings in the ratings survey released yesterday, nearly 70% of 2CH’s audience are 65 & over. By comparison, only 50% of 4KQ’s audience are 65 & over, whilst for Cruise 1323, it’s 42%.


Listening to a bit of 2CH, it sounds like they’re giving the promotion of “Easy Classics in crystal clear stereo on DAB+ Digital Radio” a red hot go including currently running a competition during Ian Rogerson’s program where listeners can win a DAB+ radio from Sydney Hi-Fi.

While I’m still here, does anyone know the name of the male voiceover who does most of the current station branding for 2CH? If it helps, the guy was also the voice of “Cool Country 2KA” before they went bust and also the “Sydney’s Best Country” Sweeper ID for Show Radio. :slight_smile:


The Voice Over guy doing 2CH’s imaging is the inimitable Trevor Smith. http://alohamedia.com.au/about-us/



That is a positive move that will bring more energy into the station.


Well this will be interesting. Apparently she and Bob Rogers had a little run in many years ago.


They have digital stations?