2CH 1170 Sydney


Interesting, because if you look up 2CH Pty. Ltd. & EON 2CH Pty. Ltd, both are registered with ASIC at Belrose & have been for some time.

I figured they would be moving the office & studios to there?

I’ve had a look at the building (only from the outside) where the ASIC registration is, & it’d be a fantastic site for the new 2CH studios.


It’s also the office of the major shareholder Oceania Capital.


When the studio move eventually happens, I wonder if 2CH will continue running Macquarie National News or sever all ties with MRN by running another network’s news service (the return of a 2CH-specific news would be even better, but I can’t see that happening in this day and age)?


That’s probably the only reason. I’d think that a move to Belrose would be unlikely. EON Broadcasting (Sunshine Coast stations) and Crimsafe (Oceania’s main investment) are also registered at the same address despite having no operations based there.


News is quite expensive - just ask MML - and I couldn’t imagine a dedicated 2CH news service would be part of their business model.


I agree. At most they’d have a single journalist/newsreader in breakfast (and maybe one for driving too if they were really keen) who would source some stories, but largely just read out the news that MML provides with a different emphasis designed for their market.
SEN in Melbourne used to do this (they stopped doing it last year, but not sure if that’s still the case) in Breakfast - although in their situation it was also because they wanted a stronger focus on sport.


They would most likey use News Maker from MML.


Moving studios is not as easy as it might be thought. Weigh up the cost of new construction costs against current leasing arrangements.

As for the news, it was long considered credible to have a quality news service such as 2UE or 2GB on your station. 2CH audience would like the 2GB news and would be used to it.


I was going to ask if I can pay extra for dab via the options pack but my key did not fit the padlock. Nevermind it was a good morning. I like the Sydney feel of 2ch.


Gee I’d expect DAB standard on a Lexus! I mean they’re standard in i30s…


I don’t know how long this has been on air for, but Johnny Young is hosting a night time program on 2CH, “Nightmoves”


I thought he was still at 6IX Perth (their website is down at the moment, so not able to check), or maybe it’s pre-recorded from there?

If so, also that 6IX is owned by Capital Radio, so have EON Radio outsourced the program?


Johnny Young hasn’t been part of 6iX for quite a few years now & has been with 2CH since late 2014.


Certainly an achievement.


According to the latest Oceania financial figures released to the ASX, 2CH lost another $1.3 million in the last 6 month period. If this keeps up that’s $2.6 million a year.


Perhaps focusing more on the 60s and 70s music that the FM stations in Sydney (which are increasingly sticking to the music no older than the 1980s) don’t have on their regular playlist would be a good idea for 2CH?

A bit more external advertising (something you very rarely see for 2CH) probably wouldn’t be a bad idea either.


2CH’s website is currently redirecting to Slurry Pumps coming from China. Someone forgot to pay some bills, perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue:


Appears to be fixed to http://www.2ch.com.au

Five minutes ago, it wasn’t.

Perhaps they changed their servers to point to.

Mediaspy’s site has over the years directed to bizarre websites momentarily, you’d try again and it’d work fine.


And indeed it has! Must’ve done some maintenance over the weekend.


Indira Naidoo & Trevor Sinclair will become the new breakfast presenters for 2CH. They’ll replace Gareth McCray, who’s taking a well-earned break & will return in a new role.

More: https://www.radioinfo.com.au/news/indira-naidoo-joins-new-2ch-breakfast-show


Brilliant move. Obviously moving into the territory left vacant by John & Garry at TL.