2CH 1170 Sydney


Didn’t Glenn Wheatley want 2CH to move out of the Macquarie Media Building with in 3 months? I’m looking forward to listening to Mardi Cole on 2ch over the Easter Long Weekend.


You really have a lot of questions that don’t have answers yet.
It’s one thing to want to move by a certain date, but it’s a totally different story to make it actually happen.
See my previous post about time frames for station builds… 3 months was always unrealistic


Former 2GB and 2UE presenter Jim Ball will be filling in for Kel Richards on 2CH’s Sunday Night Open Line program. He will have a co-presenter (whose name I forget, sorry). Kel announced it on the last show and said he will still be presenting Sunday breakfast, which I think confirms the Sunday breakfast show is pre-recorded.


Kel has moved to the right over the years, rather than the even handed journalist he was when he started on 2GB in the 1980s, so Jim Ball will probably fit in well. :slightly_smiling_face:


Jim Ball is a great broadcaster.


2CH just ran a Macquarie news update with a progress score in the Bulldogs Vs Souths rugby league game that was played this afternoon and a time call of five past five. Not quite the “latest Macquarie National News”.


Nice to hear Trevor Sinclair on 2CH. He was great on 2UW back in the 90s and still pretty good today.


Here’s some of him on the freshly relaunched Mix 106.5 in 1994


Trevor Sinclair has had a few stints at 2CH (and other Sydney radio stations) over the years, hasn’t he? :slight_smile:


Yeah he had some stints at a few stations but my memory was mostly 2uw. He was on 2ch for a while too. Remember those MIX artists. :smiley: Brings back memories. Though I wish they stuck to the 2uw format. I did like Bass and Pilko. Anyway I am off topic now.


Trevor Sinclair was also the Sydney Kings general court announcer, beside Rodney O the game court announcer, during the height of the Kings success in the late 1990s.


For some reason, on Digital Radio, 2CH still has “Magic 2CH” on the 2nd line text.

Wish they’d start listing some “Now Playing” song info.


Not to mention the old Magic Network “The Songs You Know And Love” positioner, rather than the current “Easy Classics” one!


It smells a bit like a Bill Caralis approach to radio, doesn’t it?

Half baked.


The interesting thing is that 2CH actually used to have “Now Playing” info on DAB+ for a little while, but that stopped when the station (briefly) became a Magic.

My guess is that the text left over from the Magic days will remain unchanged until 2CH moves out of Pyrmont.


2CH has the same lack of information on iHeartRadio, whereas the ARN stations usually have song and artist info.



I dont know, I get the feeling a lot of people in todays working world are not concerned about minor details, its more about short term gain the next sale rather than being a company man (or I should say company person proud to work for 2ch) . Haha. Maybe its a long bow to draw for a simple thing like dab text saying “magic”. For me if I worked for 2CH, it would be one of the first things I’d fix. It probaly wont bring in another sale though. :smile:. I might be ask why am not focus on tasks bringing in incremental revenue.

Though driving around in peoples shinny new Ford Focus , i30 or Mazda with the wrong dab text is not good for the branding. Oops I forgot my mazda dab text does not work another minor detail missed by a company. :wink:

Saying this I think the new 2ch is better than the old magic. At least the religion segment does not cut off a song nowadays like it did in magic. :slight_smile:


EON are still building the team working on 2CH. I’m sure these minor details will be sorted out in time. I believe that the current situation is that Macquarie’s are still providing all technical and engineering services for 2CH - including playout systems and the DAB+ multiplexer - they won’t want to do any more than it absolutely necessary for what is now a competitor, and EON aren’t going to want to pay for their time to fix little things like DAB settings and Song/Artist info. However, once 2CH move’s out of Pyrmont, 2CH will have its own systems and equipment to handle these things, so they’ll be easy setup correctly from the start.


Thanks webguy make sense :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed that 2CH now has the song/artist info on RadioApp. Ironically, as I’ve checked just now, this feature is currently not available on DAB+.

Also, last night, I’ve heard an ID which goes something like “your cool alternative”, illustrating that 2CH’s “Easy Classics” format is obviously musically very different to that of the commercial FM stations, even when comparing with Smooth.