2CH 1170 Sydney


Easy classic’s would Adele chasing pavements from 2009 get airplay Norah jones come away with me from 2003 I guess I would have to wait to Monday but remember a couple of weeks ago bob roger’s played Justin Timberlakes can’t stop the feeling in full so any things possible .
The logo is impressive just think 2ch needs to push on digital on devices etc esp on logo the dab+ emblem would help .
As I reside in nz I have a bush internet radio which is a must have I believe 2ch may do very well in 2017 & beyond being local, great music , great presenter’s , many stations would be envious esp 882 & 1278 if only they were sold.
Come Monday I will no longer hear the word magic


the only time youll hear the word magic is when they play the Beatles, 10cc or Santana!


Joh Farnham and Olivia Newton-John?




And America… :slight_smile:


Steppenwolf? Maybe too rocky? Great song. Magic carpet ride.


www.2ch.com.au new website is now live.


Still using 2GB’s postal address GPO Box 4290, I guess that will not change until they move.


Notice the audio stream is not stereo on the new website. Talking lifestyle app audio feed is in stereo.


And it’s using Wordpress :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

Also it’s theme is a WSIWG one.

Link to theme maker: http://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/divi/


Looks like it’s presenterless weekend daytimes after breakfast.

Shame they couldn’t have stretched to new pics of the presenters or at least airbrushed out the Magic mic flags!


For some odd reason, 2CH are doing a bit of talkback right now…

The announcer kept going on about gumboots and galoshes for a good 3 minutes, and people are phoning in with issues/thoughts/opinions.


They’ve been doing this for years now on a Sunday evening.


don’t see how this is a bad thing?


It’s the Sunday night religious program that’s been on for decades. The preceding program is religious music.


The new easy classic jingle ? Some of the jingles sounds like it could be a classic rock jingle on a classic rock station . Quite upbeat. Not complaining though. The choice of music has not really changed.


I had to switch off after the Donald Trump song.


Same V/O as Classic Rock Radio in Melbourne.


Well some comments so far. I think some late 50s songs are creeping in where it would only be on Bob Rogers show… The “quote, unquote” is no longer messy and cut off a song on the lead up to the news, that use to annoy me.

Overall it’s going OK. Id like to try a request on Facebook for the night moves show. What borderline song should I try? Playing to win by LRB? I remember mix 106.5 would not play Hold the line by Toto.That could be another song. That was back in 1994.

I know , I mentioned this before but if I could I would try to ask how much it would cost to swap freq with sbs 2 . That way sbs one and two can be next to each other on the am band. 1107 & 1170.
2ch can be FM 97.7. I remember 2WS did a great job going to retirement villages to help people tune in back in 1993 when the conversion from 1224 to 101.7 FM happened. If that does not work, maybe they can swap with Triple M as they are more talk these days.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The only issue is it might become CH FM better music and more of it and play the same 80s and 90s songs in 1 years time😀.


I don’t think SBS would swap 97.7 for 1170, at any price.
And I don’t think the ACMA would allow it.
It would create a somewhat risky precedent.

And in any case, if 2CH were to find itself on FM, I think the temptation to change format and take Smooth FM head on would be too great.