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Problem is that those timeslots/programs are probably the most expensive to buy ad time, and is 2CH in a position to pay that sort of money?


Fair point, especially when you look at how amateurish their website looks!


I just tuned into 2ch and heard a classic hits 2ch positioner. Like 2uw was in the late 80s. Let see if thw music is similar.


I would still like their programmes particularly at the weekend revamped. On a Saturday evening I would have preferred Pete Grahame but I understand the reasons in keeping with Bob. Regardless of any conditions agreed to in the past I really can’t see why they keep the religious segments during the day on Sunday and the crap they do on Sunday evenings.


They seem like they have certain obligations to be met as condition of the sale from MRN. Thus they cannot change too much. If they became a breeze fm or even rebel clone with some promotion on tv, billboards and push dab it will be interesting what the results would be. I believe old people only liking sleepy music is a bit of a stereotype. Let smooth worry about that. Not saying stop all the carpenters songs but add some upbeat songs too. Throw in some rarer hits.


The one thing I always loved about 2CH is they have such a good sound on AM and a great sound on DAB with nice processing and great stereo seperation almost like they use stereo widening.
Used to stream their DAB+ stream all the time via the logger in my time working for 4BC

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Just heard take it easy with Classic hits 2ch. No notable changes in the playlist. Might come in new year. When compared to classic hits FUN, it very different.


Cherie Romano will make sure the station is looked after. She’s the GM, she didn’t sign up for a retainer, the reward comes in the increased revenue her experience and those she employs bring to the station.

It would be good to move out of the Pyrmont location, find a more economical lease or freehold.


I noted Kel Richards was doing a shift on 2gb today. Still feels like the old owners have some control.


Perhaps he was the only one they asked to fill the public holiday.


When the license for 2CH was sold to Macquarie there were certain caveats on the deal that required religious content on Sundays, I think there was also a ban on advertising alcohol on Sundays as well.

These conditions were attached to the original license issued to the Council of Churches, they passed to Macquarie and it’s entirely possibly they’re still in force with the new owners.

Given those obligations, Kel is a good choice to present contemporary religious programs on certain big days like Christmas.


2CH have Ditched the Easy Classics name and gone far Classic Hits of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.


Interesting that 2CH is now using the same positioner that WS had abandoned nearly 5 years ago in favour of the “Pure Gold” branding. ARN still uses the “Classic Hits” positioner for 4KQ in Brisbane & Cruise in Adelaide.


I dont think in recent history wsfm played 60s, 70s, 80s music even it used the classic hits format jingle, I think that was the best songs of all time format. Not all classic hits formats are the same.


With different personnel and audience targets, no two formats can ever be the same.


Agree. I think 2ch will evolve to become more like 2ca. Grannie has not complained yet. She did with magic though. :blush:

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I know this has been said before but with the move to a broader “Classic Hits” format, hopefully 2CH will eventually introduce into their schedule the type of upbeat Saturday night music program (heck, perhaps even try and get Pete Graham to present it if he’s available) the Sydney market has been missing since the Easter 2018 demise of “Saturday Night Live” on 954AM.

The recently retired (at least from his weekday morning program) Bob Rogers is a Sydney radio legend and has enjoyed a media career which is obviously to be respected, but I really hope that incredibly outdated “Reminiscing” program is retired soon if it isn’t already!


I agree, though he did work at 2ch before and left for some reason to join 2ue.


Listening at the moment and it is still saying Easy Classics 2CH