2023 Ratings predictions

Sunday April 30
I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here finale 0.45m
I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here winner announced 0.56m
The Last Last Late Late Show special 0.26m
The Late Late Show with James Corden series finale 0.24m

Farmer Wants a Wife 0.54m
7News Spotlight 0.34m

Lego Masters: Grand Masters 0.43m
60 Minutes 0.35m
60 Minutes presents: Kathleen Folbigg: Beyond Reasonable Doubt? premiere 0.26m

Monday May 1
The Bridge Australia series premiere 0.35m
Ghosts 0.22m
FBI: Most Wanted new 0.12m

Farmer Wants a Wife 0.54m
9-1-1 season return 0.24m
9-1-1: Lone Star season premiere 0.13m

Lego Masters: Grand Masters 0.42m
RPA 0.27m

Tuesday May 2
Cosentino: Decennium premiere special 0.43m
The Good Doctor 0.17m / 0.12m

Lego Masters: Grand Masters 0.44m
Frozen Planet II 0.25m

The Bridge Australia 0.18m
NCIS new 0.12m

Wednesday May 3
Travel Guides 0.61m
Barry Humphries - A Life of Laughs premiere special 0.35m

The 1% Club 0.33m
Accused 0.24m / 0.17m

The Dog House Australia Rpt 0.25m
Law & Order: SVU 0.18m

Saturday May 6
Coronation of King Charles
ABC: 0.51m
ABC News: 0.22m
Seven: 0.43m
Nine: 0.39m
10: 0.15m

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6 May 2023
Coronation of King Charles
ABC: 530k
ABC News: 228k
Seven: 445k
Nine: 358k
10: 85k
NRL: Storm v Rabbitohs - 361k
Saturday Night AFL - 434k

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Sunday May 7
Lego Masters: Grand Masters 0.48m
60 Minutes 0.33m

Farmer Wants a Wife 0.56m
7News Spotlight 0.37m

MasterChef Australia season premiere 0.68m
NCIS: Hawaii 0.20m

Monday May 8
The Coronation Concert 0.14m (afternoon) / 0.25m (night)
Lego Masters: Grand Masters finale 0.53m

The Coronation Concert 0.33m
9-1-1 0.18m
9-1-1 Lone Star 0.15m

MasterChef Australia 0.71m
Ghosts 0.26m
FBI: Most Wanted 0.11m

Tuesday May 9
Federal Budget 2023: Treasurer’s Speech 0.39m
Federal Budget 2023: An ABC News Special 0.29m

Farmer Wants a Wife 0.54m
The Good Doctor season finale 0.18m

Frozen Planet II series finale 0.36m / 0.32m

MasterChef Australia 0.54m
The Cheap Seats season premiere 0.41m

Wednesday May 10
MasterChef Australia 0.49m
North Shore series premiere 0.32m

The 1% Club 0.46m
Accused 0.24m / 0.17m

Travel Guides 0.54m
Movie: Olympus Has Fallen Rpt 0.22m

Thursday May 11
Thursday night NRL: Storm v Broncos 0.41m

Home and Away triple episodes 0.43m / 0.39m
The Front Bar 0.36m
Britain’s Got Talent 0.22m

The Dog House Australia season finale 0.29m

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7 May 2023
Masterchef Australia: premiere — 714k
Lego Masters — 504k
The farmer wants a wife — 668k

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Sunday May 14
2023 Eurovision Song Contest final 0.24m (morning live) / 0.35m (replay)

The Summit series premiere 0.67m
60 Minutes 0.39m

Farmer Wants a Wife 0.51m
7News Spotlight 0.34m

MasterChef Australia 0.42m
NCIS: Hawaii 0.19m

Monday May 15
The Summit 0.35m
RPA 0.28m

Blow Up series premiere 0.34m
9-1-1 0.23m
9-1-1 Lone Star 0.17m

MasterChef Australia 0.45m
Have You Been Paying Attention? season premiere 0.61m
Just For Laughs Australia season premiere 0.25m
Ghosts season finale 0.12m

Tuesday May 16
The Summit 0.39m
Movie: The Rescue premiere 0.28m

Blow Up 0.28m
The Rookie season premiere 0.18m
The Rookie: Feds series premiere 0.14m

MasterChef Australia 0.54m
The Cheap Seats 0.34m
NCIS 0.17m

Wednesday May 17
Travel Guides 0.62m
The Summit encore 0.24m

The 1% Club 0.41m
Accused 0.22m / 84,000

MasterChef Australia 0.48m
North Shore 0.24m

Thursday May 18
Thursday night NRL: Broncos v Panthers 0.41m

MasterChef Australia 0.39m

Home and Away triple episodes 0.42m / 0.38m
The Front Bar 0.35m
Britain’s Got Talent 0.19m


The Summit debut: 800k

Farmer finale pt 1: 675k

MasterChef: 475k

With no AFL lead-in, expect Seven News to be down and Nine News possibly up, also helping Summit, Nine with a comfortable though competitive win. But as usual… I’m probably totally way off!

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Sunday May 21
Farmer Wants a Wife 0.71m
7News Spotlight 0.41m

The Summit 0.42m
60 Minutes 0.27m

MasterChef Australia 0.49m
NCIS: Hawaii 0.20m

Monday May 22
Farmer Wants a Wife reunion (season finale) 0.68m
9-1-1 0.22m
9-1-1: Lone Star 0.15m

The Summit 0.41m
RPA season finale 0.28m

MasterChef Australia 0.45m
Have You Been Paying Attention? 0.62m
Just For Laughs Australia 0.22m
FBI: Most Wanted new 0.11m

Tuesday May 23
Highway Patrol new 0.36m
Highway Patrol Rpt 0.29m
The Rookie 0.18m
The Rookie: Feds 0.12m

MasterChef Australia 0.47m
The Cheap Seats 0.36m
NCIS 0.14m

The Summit 0.38m

Wednesday May 24
MasterChef Australia 0.44m
North Shore 0.22m

The 1% Club 0.46m
Accused 0.22m / 0.11m

Travel Guides 0.64m
The Summit encore 0.29m

Thursday May 25
MasterChef Australia 0.38m

Thursday night NRL: Dolphins v Dragons 0.35m

Home and Away triple episodes 0.42m / 0.37m
The Front Bar 0.34m
Britain’s Got Talent 0.23m

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Sunday May 28
MasterChef Australia 0.51m
NCIS: Hawaii 0.20m

7News Spotlight 0.39m
Secrets of Prince Andrew (part 1) premiere 0.27m

The Summit 0.45m
60 Minutes 0.31m

Monday May 29
MasterChef Australia 0.48m
Have You Been Paying Attention? 0.58m
Just For Laughs Australia 0.19m
FBI: Most Wanted new 0.11m

The Summit 0.44m
Police Rescue Australia series premiere 0.31m

The 1% Club 0.49m
9-1-1 0.23m
9-1-1: Lone Star 0.14m

Tuesday May 30
MasterChef Australia 0.46m
The Cheap Seats 0.37m
NCIS season finale 0.15m

The Summit 0.44m
Expedition Everest premiere special 0.27m

Highway Patrol Special Rpt 0.33m
The Rookie 0.19m
The Rookie: Feds 0.11m

Wednesday May 31
State of Origin game 1 pre-match 0.85m
State of Origin game 1: Queensland v NSW 1.67m
State of Origin game 1 post-match 0.75m

MasterChef Australia 0.42m
North Shore 0.25m

Code 1: Minute by Minute 0.31m
Accused 0.19m / 76,000

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31 May 2023
Everything is all about state of origin in Adelaide. The State of Origin will smash viewing records in Adelaide.

State of Origin Game 1 — Pre Match — 920k
State of Origin Game 1 — 1.715m
State of Origin Game 1 — post match — 540k
Masterchef Australia — 540k
Code 1: minute by minute: 257k

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Wednesday 31 May 2023:

State of Origin 1 - Pre Match: 890k
State of Origin 1 - Match: 1.7m
State of Origin 1 - Post Match: 500k

Masterchef: 450k
Code 1 Minute by Minute: 245k