2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games Coverage

11pm LA time would be 4pm NSW/VIC/TAS meaning that’s probably the latest finishing time. Possibly a good lead to 6pm News for whoever gets it?


Johanna Griggs told TV Tonight at the Logie Awards red carpet that most of the coverage for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games would be done in Sydney.

Bruce McAvaney and Tamsin (Manou) will go to do commentary at the athletics, but everything else will be done out of Sydney.

Seven’s coverage of Olympic and Paralympic Games last year, and Olympic Winter Games last year, were produced at Melbourne’s Docklands Studios at the Gravity Media facility.


Should be in Melbourne not Sydney

Seriously? What’s with this fear of having a studio in Birmingham to present everything from? COVID isn’t that obstructive anymore so they can and should go there.

10 had a studio for Sochi and Glasgow all those years ago, meanwhile we’re going to be subjected to Seven’s Mega-Screen and Hamish once again :roll_eyes:


I don’t mind where the studio is as long as Hamish can’t find it.

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wouldn’t be suprised if the plan is to give him plenty of experience in Birmingham, Paris, LA and than push him as the networks main face for Brisbane 2032


I think one of the reasons Tokyo was done out of Docklands/South Melbourne, was because of the size of the event/production, as Lewis Martin thanked when accepting the Logie on behalf of the coverage, Gravity Media were a large player in helping put it together, as well as some other buildings in the area.

Unlike Gold Coast, which was large-scale being in Australia, Birmingham you’d expect a smaller-scale.

Also EP for Tokyo is different to Birmingham and I think might live in different cities, you can see an interview with Birmingham’s EP on Inside7, pretty sure it’s Kirsty Bradmore (who also did Beijing and was also highly praised by Martin on stage).

Not all productions have been based in Melbourne, especially prior to Docklands, even Rio 2016 was done out of the Eveleigh studios.


7’s probably sat back and realised that their coverage wouldn’t lose much but not being anchored out of Brum and can save on a load of travel and accomodation…Covid has shown that it is easily doable.

One where the accountants have won, for better or worse.


BBC coverage

  • BBC Sport to broadcast more than 200 hours of live coverage across BBC One, BBC Two and BBC Three
  • Up to 11 streams on BBC iPlayer and the BBC Sport website, additional Red Button coverage
  • Hazel Irvine, Clare Balding, Gabby Logan, Jason Mohammad, Holly Hamilton and Ayo Akinwolere to present live action on BBC TV
  • New for 2022, Olympian Max Whitlock joins the BBC TV team to offer analysis and insight
  • JJ Chalmers and Isa Guha to front daily BBC One highlights show
  • Extensive wider coverage across the BBC including Sport Relief All-Star Games: Birmingham 2022, Denise Lewis: On A Mission and much more

this, combined with the CBC will probably become my goto coverage

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I agree with Tom, would’ve been great from the UK, was hopeful they’d do it this event (like with Pyeongchang 2018 and Gold Coast 2018).

Has it been announced that CBC has the coverage this year? I couldnt find anything

surprisingly i couldnt either.

SKY TV in New Zealand have not revealed their coverage on sky sport channels yet, but their own FTA channel Prime have announced their coverage on facebook televising coverage from 7.30pm till 9am with highlights during the day


CBC will be showing coverage of the Commonwealth Games. Quoting from their 2022-23 programming line-up announcement:

It should be noted though that in the past, CBC’s Commonwealth Games coverage has been fairly limited. For example, think their Gold Coast 2018 coverage (which was sub-licensed from DAZN) only consisted of the Opening & Closing Ceremonies + extended highlights on weekends.

The BBC clearly has big plans for Guha apart from covering cricket considering she’ll also be the secondary presenter for their Wimbledon coverage starting next week.

That in itself is particularly noteworthy considering this year will be Sue Barker’s last Wimbledon after 30 years as the BBC’s lead presenter.

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Will be interesting to see if Fox Cricket can continue to keep hold of her. She is a gun.