2019 Ratings Predictions

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Tuesday October 1
The Masked Singer 0.85m
The Masked Singer - Reveal 1.04m
BH90210 0.41m

The Block 0.81m
Movie: Pitch Perfect rpt 0.39m

The Real Dirty Dancing 0.53m
Secret Bridesmaids’ Business 0.32m

Wednesday October 2
Bride and Prejudice season premiere 0.54m
Britain’s Got Talent - The Champions 0.31m

The Block 0.95m
The Show Must Go On: The Queen + Adam Lambert Story rpt 0.34m

Bondi Rescue new 0.32m

3 Oct 2019
Nine could get hit hard by Seven during primetime.

Bride and Prejudice - 500k
RBT - 270k (MEL, ADE, PER)
Jamie Oliver - 320k
Gogglebox - 608k
Golden Point - 80k (SYD, BNE)

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Thursday October 3
Bride & Prejudice 0.42m

Jamie’s Ultimate Veg 0.35m
Gogglebox 0.56m

4 Oct 2019
BHAG - 545k
RBT - 320k
The Living Room - 358k
HYBPA (encore) - 285k
The Dark Knight - 297k

Saturday October 5
It’s Harry Potter v Star Wars for October and November.

Movie: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets rpt 0.36m

Movie: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace rpt 0.27m

Rugby World Cup: Australia v Uruguay 0.26m


5 Oct 2019
With AFL season finished, it will be a low rating night.
Deep Water - 565k
Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets - 366k
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - 268k
RWC2019 - AUS v Uruguay - 303k
XXX: return of Xander Cage - 185k
Bondi Rescue rpt - 256k

Sunday October 6
The NRL Grand Final will rate strongly across NSW with one Sydney team and one Canberra team playing. The 5 city total however may not reach 2 million with Melbourne posting the biggest drop.

NRL Grand Final pre-match entertainment 1.2m
NRL Grand Final: Sydney Roosters v Canberra 1.97m
(Sydney 1.1m + Melbourne 0.28m + Brisbane 0.41m + Adelaide 80,000 + Perth 0.1m)
NRL Grand Final post-match presentation 1.1m

The Real Dirty Dancing 0.37m
Sunday Night 0.51m

The Graham Norton Show 0.29m
Instinct series finale 0.18m


6 oct 2019
NRL GF will dip from last year with No Melbourne team and QLD team in the GF. As well with this, there are supplementary streams available to watch on 9Now.
State Championship GF - 288k
NRL: Women GF - 350k
NRL GF Pre game entertainment - 1.18m
NRL GF Canberra Raiders vs Sydney Roosters - 1.776m
NRL GF Post Match Presentation - 1.2m
The Real Dirty Dancing - 400k
Sunday Night - 500k
The Graham Norton Show - 320k

Monday October 7
Nine will easily win the night with The Block reveal episode and the premiere of Love Island, however it and 10 will be neck and neck in major demos.

The Block 1.06m
Love Island Australia season premiere 0.54m

The Masked Singer 0.82m (mask reveal 1.01m)
Have You Been Paying Attention? 0.79m

The Real Dirty Dancing finale 0.48m
The Rookie 0.39m

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Tuesday October 8
The Masked Singer 0.81m (mask reveal 0.96m)
BH90210 0.34m

The Block 0.82m
Love Island Australia 0.41m

Bride & Prejudice 0.48m
Secret Bridesmaids’ Business 0.35m

Wednesday October 9
Three relationship shows will overlap tonight between 8.40pm and 9pm. The Bachelorette should come on top.

The Bachelorette season premiere 0.72m
Movie: Swinging Safari premiere 0.34m

The Block 0.83m
Love Island Australia 0.35m

Bride & Prejudice 0.41m
Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions 0.29m

9 Oct 2019
The Bachelorette Season Premiere - 714k
Swinging Safari Premiere - 350k
The Block - 810k
Bride and Prejudice - 435k
Love Island AU - 330k
BGT: The Champions - 303k

Thursday October 10
The Bachelorette 0.69m
Gogglebox 0.63m

The Block 0.78m
Love Island Australia 0.28m

Bride & Prejudice 0.38m
Movie: Kingsman: The Golden Circle rpt 0.28m

FIFA World Cup Qualifier: Australia v Nepal 0.25m

11 Oct 2019
There will be staggered schedules for 10 during the night with No Living Room in Brisbane and Adelaide.
RWC: AUS v Georgia - 340k (including on 10 Bold in Perth)
The Living Room (SYD, MEL, PER) - 200k
Bondi Vet - 380k
Love Island AU - 198k
Better Homes and Gardens - 588k

Friday October 11
Better Homes and Gardens 0.55m
Movie: Maleficent rpt 0.36m

Bondi Vet: Coast to Coast series premiere 0.35m
Love Island Australia 0.21m

The Living Room 0.24m (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth)
Rugby World Cup: Australia v Georgia (10/10Bold) 0.35m

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Sunday October 13
Bathurst 1000 race 0.78m
Bathurst 1000 podium 0.73m
The Sunday Project 0.39m / 0.41m
The Graham Norton Show 0.33m
NCIS season premiere 0.27m

The Block 0.97m
60 Minutes 0.59m

Special: ABBA Forever premiere 0.58m
Sunday Night 0.51m
Movie: Murder on the Orient Express premiere 0.36m

13 Oct 2019
Bathurst 1000 race - 772k
The Sunday Project - 404k
The Graham Norton Show - 320k

The Block - 943k
60 Minutes - 558k

ABBA Forever Premiere - 598k
Sunday Night - 510k

Monday October 14
The Block 0.83m
Love Island Australia 0.29m

The Masked Singer 0.84m (mask reveal 0.94m)
Have You Been Paying Attention? 0.82m
Just for Laughs 0.39m

Bride & Prejudice 0.39m
The Rookie 0.37m

14 oct 2019
The Block - 843k
Love Island Australia - 295k
The Masked singer - 855k
HYBPA - 801k
Just for laughs - 302k
Bride & prejudice - 450k
The rookie - 390k

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