2019 Ratings Predictions

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Tuesday September 10
Australian Survivor 0.81m
Pilot Week: Part Time Private Eyes 0.42m

The Block 0.92m
Seachange 0.59m

Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly 0.51m
The Proposal 0.32m

Wednesday September 11
The Block 0.91m
Grand Hotel 0.29m/0.27m

The Bachelor 0.69m
Pilot Week: I Am…Roxy 0.32m
My Life is Murder 0.28m

The Chase Australia: celebrity specials 0.52m
Britain’s Got Talent - The Champions series premiere 0.35m

Thursday September 12
The Ashes fifth test: session 1 0.71m, session 2 0.36m

The Bachelor 0.68m
Gogglebox 0.64m

Home and Away 0.52m
The Front Bar 0.43m

With Thursday Night Football over for the year in both major codes, I reckon Ten would be hoping for a 100-200k ratings increase for The Bachelor & Gogglebox over the next couple of weeks.

Although The Ashes airing on the main channel in the three largest markets should ensure that Nine is the #1 network tonight.

Friday 13 SEptember 2019
AFL SEmi Final 1–Geelong v West Coast - 830k (with strong 7mate figures in Perth)
NRL Qualifying Final–Roosters v Rabbitohs - 600k (including on 9GEM)
Ashes–605k (both on 9GEM and Nine)
The Living Room–340k

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Friday September 13
AFL 1st semi final: Geelong v West Coast
Seven 550,000 (Melbourne 440,000 + Adelaide 110,000) + 7mate 285,000 (Sydney 30,000 + Brisbane 35,000 + Perth 210,000)
Better Homes and Gardens 0.53m

NRL 2nd qualifying final: Sydney Roosters v South Sydney
Nine 470,000 (Sydney 330,000 + Brisbane 140,000) + 9Gem/9GO! 31,000 (Melbourne 20,000 + Adelaide 5,000 + Perth 6,000)
The Ashes fifth test (Nine/9Gem): session 1 0.54m, session 2 0.37m

The Living Room 0.36m
Pilot Week: The 80-year-old Roommate 0.16m

Saturday September 14
The cricket will easily beat the AFL semi-final.

AFL 2nd semi final: Brisbane v GWS
Seven 600,000 (Sydney 70,000 + Melbourne 340,000 + Brisbane 100,000 + Adelaide 90,000) + 7mate Perth 80,000
Movie: The Good Dinosaur premiere (7mate/Seven Perth) 0.26m

NRL 1st qualifying final: Melbourne v Canberra
Nine 490,000 (Sydney 250,000 + Melbourne 110,000 + Brisbane 130,000) + 9Gem/9GO! 9,000 (Adelaide 4,000 + Perth 5,000)
NRL 2nd elimination final: Manly v Cronulla
Nine 480,000 (Sydney 330,000 + Brisbane 150,000) + 9Gem/9GO! 24,000 (Melbourne 13,000 + Adelaide 5,000 + Perth 6,000)
The Ashes fifth test (Nine/9Gem): session 1 0.55m, session 2 0.43m

AFL will win over Cricket/NRL combo by a extreme slim margin
AFL SF1 - 800k (including 100k in Perth on 7mate)
The Good Dinosaur - 260k

NRL EF2 - 504k (including on 9Gem)
Ashes S1 - 505k
Ashes S2 - 420k (with strong numbers in Perth)

Sunday September 14
Nine will dominate all night with The Block and the cricket.

NRL 1st elimination final: Parramatta v Brisbane
Nine 510,000 (Sydney 320,000 + Brisbane 190,000) + 9Gem 16,000 (Melbourne 11,000 + Adelaide 2,000 + Perth 3,000)
The Block 1.1m
60 Minutes 0.65m
The Ashes fifth test (9Gem): session 1 0.45m, session 2 0.34m

Australia’s Got Talent semi final 0.71m
Sunday Night 0.42m

Ambulance Australia: Ultimate Emergencies 0.26m

Monday September 15
Survivor will be huge tonight.

Australian Survivor 0.84m
Have You Been Paying Attention? 0.78m

The Block 0.92m
This Time Next Year 0.56m

Highway Patrol 0.46m
Motorbike Cops 0.42m
The Rookie 0.38m

Tuesday September 17
I think Survivor can crack the magic million mark.

Australian Survivor finale 1.01m
Australian Survivor: winner announced 1.22m

Border Security 0.45m
The Force 0.43m
Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly season finale 0.15m (Sydney and Brisbane)
Inside the G premiere 0.23m (Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth)
The Proposal 0.18m

The Block 0.89m
Seachange 0.54m

Wednesday September 18
The Bachelor 0.76m
My Life is Murder season finale 0.41m

The Chase Australia: celebrity specials 0.48m
Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions 0.36m

The Block 0.92m
Queen: Days of Our Lives rpt 0.34m


TEN could finish 2nd by a slim margin over Nine thanks to its demographics, though Seven will still win that night.
HOme and Away: 598k
The Bachelor Australia - 920k
The Bachelor Australia Final Decision - 990k
Gogglebox - 605k
RBT (rpt): 350k
Queen: DOOL: 302k
The Front Bar: 404k

Surely there’ll be a decent audience for whatever Seven is airing at/around 8.30pm due to the massive interest in tonight’s $150 Million Powerball draw?

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Thursday September 19
It’s both Bachelor fever and Powerball fever tonight. Seven will get extra viewers waiting for the historic $150 million Powerball draw but Bachelor finale will prevail.

The Bachelor finale 0.79m
The Bachelor final decision 0.86m
Gogglebox 0.67m

Home and Away 0.56m
The Front Bar 0.44m

Queen: Days of Our Lives rpt 0.23m (Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth)

20 September 2019
Seven will win easily over Nine thanks to AFL.
AFL - 1.04 million (including on 7mate)
NRL - 660k (including on 9GEM)
RWC2019: Japan v Russia -214k (on 10Bold)
The Living Room - 303k

Friday September 20
Big audience for AFL tonight. Rugby World Cup opener will struggle with little promotions.

AFL 2nd preliminary final: Richmond v Geelong
Seven 0.86m (Melbourne 750,000 + Adelaide 110,000) + 7mate 0.195m (Sydney 30,000 + Brisbane 35,000 + Perth 130,000)
Better Homes and Gardens 0.49m

NRL 1st semi final: South Sydney v Manly
Nine 0.44m (Sydney 280,000 + Brisbane 160,000) + 9Gem 20,000 (Melbourne 15,000 + Adelaide 2,000 + Perth 3,000)

Rugby World Cup: Japan v Russia (10Bold) 0.11m
The Living Room 0.33m


Saturday September 21
Seven hours of sporting extravaganza ahead today.

Rugby World Cup: Australia v Fiji (10) 210,000

AFL 1st preliminary final: Collingwood v GWS
Seven 0.89m (Sydney 40,000 + Melbourne 640,000 + Adelaide 100,000 + Perth 110,000) + 7mate Brisbane 35,000
Movie: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children premiere 0.41m
Movie: Safe House rpt 0.23m

NRL 2nd semi final: Melbourne v Parramatta
Nine 540,000 (Sydney 290,000 + Melbourne 70,000 + Brisbane 180,000) + 9Gem 12,000 (Adelaide 4,000 + Perth 8,000)

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Seven will get home easily with a win thanks to AFL.
AFL Finals: Collingwood v GWS: 920k (with Brisbane viewers on 7mate)
Miss Peregine’s home for Peculiar Children: 404k
Safe House rpt - 229k
NRL SF: Storm v Eels: 556k (including Adelaide and Perth viewers on GEM)
RWC: Australia v Fiji - 224k
10 News First: 280k

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AFL: Collingwood v GWS: 875,000
Seven News: 725,000
Miss Peregine: 370,000

NRL - Melbourne V Parramatta: 510,000

Rugby Union: Aus v Fiji: 190,000
Ten News: 235,000
The Notebook: 150,000

Seven will scrape home (just) with a win thanks to leadin by WAFL, SANFL and VFL.
AGT: 803k
AGT: Winner Announced: 933k
THe Block: 934k
60 Mins: 504k
Sunday Night: 459k

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Sunday September 22
Australia’s Got Talent grand final 0.83m
Australia’s Got Talent grand final: winner announced 0.91m
Sunday Night 0.41m

The Block 1.12m
60 Minutes 0.58m

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