2019 New South Wales state election - media coverage


Ah I see.

Doesn’t matter what they do. No one watches 10 on Saturday’s.



If there was full NSW Election Night coverage from 10 News First, I’d at least give it a go knowing that the presenters/reporters on offer would likely be superior to some on the other channels. But it’s going to have to be Nine (and to be fair, probably also some of the ABC’s coverage) on March 23 - at least they’re a commercial network who knows how to produce a news service that Sydneysiders can actually rely on!

If WIN are smart, they’d use their ties to Sky News (as much as I generally dislike their often notoriously biased/editorial programming in the evening) and send a message by running Sky News’ NSW Election coverage on the main channel in regional markets if Ten isn’t going to provide them with any. But somehow I doubt that’s going to happen.


ABC’s NSW election coverage will also be shown live across South East Asia and South Pacific on ABC Australia, after the channel’s AFLW preliminary final and AFL coverage (times to be confirmed in the next 48 hours).


Despite knowing times of coverage, we still have not heard of any details of the commercial networks about who they have on etc. Usually we would know by now?
Despite some small promos, there’s no promos advertising who they’ve got. I remember last state election 7 was advertising their coverage a couple of weeks in advance. Time will tell…


Antony Green tweeted to me the set won’t be used for Australia Votes later this year


Screencaps of the promo for the ABC’s coverage:

It’ll be quite interesting to see whether any elements of the ABC’s NSW Election coverage will be in HD on Saturday night! :slight_smile:


The dodgy photoshops just keep coming. This actually makes it looks like Antony Green has his left hand suspiciously touching the lapel on Juanita’s suit.


Yeah, that one probably could’ve been thought out a lot better! :confused:


ABC Australia will join ABC’s NSW election coverage at 7.15pm AEDT, after its telecast of AFL match between Adelaide and Hawthorn.


Promo just aired for 7’s coverage. Featured Fergo and Usher (maybe theyre hosting together) along with Mark Riley, Robert Ovadia, Barnaby Joyce, Pro Goward, Mark Latham and others. They have a couple of former premiers last election coverage while 9 didn’t, maybe 9 got them this time?

Their tower of power is back, this time on Sydney Tower - despite being a bit gimmicky, it looked pretty good. Not all that different to NBC using Rockefeller Plaza to show their results.


It’s actually Pru.


Like last year’s Victorian state election, ABC Local Radio will provide alternative coverage of NSW election this Saturday. Wendy Harmer and Richard Glover will host the event from ABC’s Ultimo HQ.


Yep :joy:
Don’t know how I got Pro, I should proof read!!


Guessing that maybe the radio coverage is from the main television studio which is why the television coverage is in the foyer, I wonder.


Judging by the promo that aired on Seven, not exactly an appealing line-up for election coverage IMO.


Agreed. Mark Latham & Barnaby Joyce are appalling choices of “contributors” by Seven IMO.

While I’m not the greatest fan of his reporting, it seems odd that Sean Berry (as Seven’s main state politics reporter here in NSW) isn’t having a larger role.

Or what about Sarina Andaloro? As I’ve said before, she’s reported on NSW politics for Prime7 until fairly recently and would probably be quite good on Seven’s NSW Election coverage (not to mention would provide some much needed additional female representation/diversity) especially from a regional audience perspective.


Here’s the promo.



Barnaby Joyce, Alan Jones and Mark Latham…

What a great panel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not to mention to mention Kerry Chikarovski and Andrew “McFerryFace” Constance. :roll_eyes:

…for right wingers, they’ll probably give Sky News a run for their money in this department!

Do we know the full lineup of presenters/panellist on Nine’s coverage yet? Obviously we know Pete & Deb will be presenting while the two Chris’ (Uhlmann & O’Keefe) will more likely than not be heavily involved in the coverage, but aside from that?