2017 Media Year in Review

I thought it might be a good way to end the year to look back at what happened in the media in 2017. Undoubtedly, for me the 2 biggest events were CBS Buying Ten & Lisa Wilkinson switching to Ten.

What are yours?


Jacketgate and Natasha Exelby daydreaming and firing


A few more of the events that have defined 2017 in Australian media (apart from those already mentioned):

*Phase two of Nine News’ biggest relaunch in a decade, with the rollout of new sets in most markets (except Perth which adopted the new look in September 2016)
*Nova launching it’s new logo & branding in February
*Talking Lifestyle replacing Magic in Melbourne & Brisbane, with former MRN station 2CH getting it’s 3rd major relaunch in 3-4 years around the same time
*ABC News’ major relaunch on April 10
*The mid-year SCA Digital Radio reshuffle, bringing the stations under the Hit & Triple M brands
*Don Burke harassment scandal
*ABC2 relaunching as ABC Comedy on December 4
*The axing of Lateline with the final episode airing on December 7/8 (depending on whether you class the pre-recorded special or the final live program as the end of Lateline)
*SBS World News’ major relaunch on December 11