2016 Ratings Predictions

Monday the 1st of February 2016

MKR (launch): 1.5m+

I’m A Celebrity: 1.35m (Shane Warne…)

Nine News: 1.2m

Seven News: 1.1m

Home and Away (anticipated return): 950k?

ACA: 925k?

X Files: 900k

Farmer wants a wife: 875k

Australia’s Got Talent: 675k?

The Project: 675k

The Chase (return): 650k

Family Feud: 625k

Ten News: 600k (165k in Melbourne?)

MKR 1.45
Bones 500k

Big Bang 900k
Greece Live 400k

I’m a Celeb 850k
NCIS 500k

Tuesday 2nd February

My Kitchen Rules -1.45m

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here -900k

Tuesday the 2nd of February 2016:

My Kitchen Rules: 1.45m

Seven News: 1.2m

Nine News: 1.15m

I’m A Celebriry: 1m

ACA: 925k

Home and Away: 900k

NCIS (return): 825m

Big Bang Theory: 800k

The Project: 675k

Family Feud: 650k

The Chase: 625k

Ten News: 600k

Bones: 575k?

Tuesday February 2
Grease: Live may have a late starting time compared with the US broadcast, but could still rate well given the hashtag 9greaselive is trending at No.1 on Twitter.

The Big Bang Theory new 1.2m
The Big Bang Theory rpt 1.01m
Grease: Live 0.68m

My Kitchen Rules 1.45m
Bones ep1 0.54m
Bones ep2 0.46m

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! 0.87m
NCIS 0.58m
NCIS: Los Angeles 0.49m

Wednesday 3rd February

My Kitchen Rules -1.52m
First Dates (premiere) -950k

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here -845k

Wednesday the 3rd of February 2015:

My Kitchen Rules: 1.47m

Nine News: 1.2m

Seven News: 1.15m (possible wins in Melbourne & Sydney again)

I’m A Celebrity: 975k (physical challenge with Laurina, should be more popular/exciting)

ACA: 950k

First Dates: 900k? (After 9pm start)

Home and Away: 800k

The Project: 700k

Movie: Anchorman 2 (8:30pm): 700k?

Family Feud: 675k

Seeing as these failed to deliver more than 700k last night for Nine…

Big Bang Theory: 725k?

Big Bang Theory (RPT): 675k?

The Chase: 650k

Hot Seat: 625k?

Ten News: 600k

MKR 1.5
First Dates 700k

Big Bang 850k
The Embassy 700k

I’m a Celeb 800k (Ten wouldn’t want to see it go much lower than this now)
Anchorman 2 500k

Wednesday February 3
My Kitchen Rules 1.51m
First Dates 0.54m

The Big Bang Theory new 0.75m
The Big Bang Theory rpt 0.63m
The Embassy 0.66m

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 0.81m
Movie: Anchorman 2 0.46m

Thursday 4th February

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here -750k

Inside Story -675k
RBT -715k
Kings Cross ER -685k

Friday 5th February

The Doctor Blake Mysteries (Series return) -945k

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Sunday 7th February
Molly (7) 1.75 million
I’m A Celebrity (10) 760K
Australia’s Got Talent (9) 411K

Sunday the 7th of February 2016

If Molly doesn’t get 1.5m+, after all this, I reckon it’ll be a joke.

Molly telemovie (part 1): 1.57m

My Kitchen Rules: 1.45m

Nine News: 1.1m

Seven News: 1.05m

I’m A Celebrity: 925k

60 Minutes: 850k?

Sunday February 7
My Kitchen Rules 1.57m
Molly part 1 1.82m

Australia’s Got Talent 0.93m
60 Minutes 0.9m
Murder Games 0.46m

I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here 1.1m
Modern Family 0.71m
The X-Files 0.81m

I somehow doubt celebrity’s ability to get over a million.

Celebrity 900k
Modern Family 500k
X Files 600k

MKR 1.4
Molly 1.7

Australia’s got talent 600k
60 Minutes 900k

Sunday 7th February

My Kitchen Rules -1.6m
Molly (part 1)-1.9m

Australia’s Got Talent -785k
60 Minutes -950k

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here -1.08m
The X-Files -825k

Sunday February 7

My Kitchen Rules: 1.5 million
Molly Part 1: 2 million…if not close to it. - These sorts of telemovies/miniseries have rated quite well for Seven in recent years.

Australia’s Got Talent: 750k - Hopefully this tanks in the ratings. AGT was axed/rested for a very good reason IMO!
60 Minutes: 900k - I think the ratings would be better if Nine scheduled it at 7pm right after the news considering that it did rather well in that timeslot over Summer if I’m not mistaken. Considering that and the fact that it seems that Sunday Night is nowhere to be seen for at least the first two weeks of ratings, wasted opportunity by Nine IMO!

I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here: 950k
Modern Family: 450k - Anyone who wanted to see this show would’ve seen it via “other sources” by now!
The X Files: 600k - Same deal as Modern Family.

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Monday 8th February

My Kitchen Rules -1.45m

Australia’s Got Talent -775k
The Farmer Wants A Wife -750k

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here -750k

Monday February 8
My Kitchen Rules 1.45m
Seven News Investigates: Anita Cobby 0.61m

Australia’s Got Talent 0.77m
The Farmer Wants a Wife 0.74m

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 0.73m
CSI: Cyber 0.45m
Elementary 0.29m

MKR 1.5 (will be massive tuesday night expecting over 2 mill)
Seven News Special 700k

Australia’s Got Talent 800k
Farmer Wants a Wife 700k

Celebrity 700k
CSI Cyber 200k