10 Pilot Week 2019

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Agreed. It really is time for CBS to take this investment seriously.

You’d be forgiven for not knowing that a majorly successful US network owns 10.

It’s still the same old shit it’s been the past 10 years.

Start with Beverly. Time to go.

Just to note that Seven and Nine have caught up in recent years. All the networks just dish up rubbish after rubbish. I watch more US content on the networks than home grown programmes. They all need a major overhaul and shake up.


Dare I say it, there are some members on this forum who’d probably do a better job at programming Network Ten than most of the people currently in charge.


I’d also love to know if Ten were ever presented with a pilot centred around Angie Kent & Yvie Jones because with all the exposure they’ve been getting since leaving Gogglebox, you’d think it’d be a no-brainer for them to give A&Y their own show before someone else does!


Yes. I really enjoyed it. The episode was packed with laughs. There was a lot of fast dialogue too. I feel like I need to rewatch it because I might have missed a few of the jokes.

Terrific performances from Heidi and Nicola.

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Pretty good pilot episode. I wonder if they made any more or this is just wishful thinking :smile:


I think that’s just a gag for the end credits. If it goes to a series, they’ll probably have these “Next Week” gags in every episode but they have nothing to do with the actual episodes.

I Am Roxy is the first TV project by Michael “Wippa” Wipfli’s fledgling production company Two Basic Scoops Media.

Which is why both appeared on Celebrity Name Game tonight.

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I cannot believe a political journalist and most recently host of Insiders (Barrie Cassidy) would lend his voice to a documentary about a Sydney celebrity PR!


Bills still gotta be paid :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::wink:

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I am Roxy averaged just under 400,000 last night, the best of the Pilot Week so far. However feedback was mostly negative. 10 may give it a short series though.
Here is the reason Barrie Cassidy narrated the pilot.

According to TV Tonight, Part Time Private Eyes will be repeated next Monday after HYBPA.

EDIT: ratings for the show was posted on Twitter this morning. It was just lower than Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians.

I think it’s safe to say that Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asian’s and My 80 Year Old Flatmate based on their ratings performances and chatter online won’t be getting season orders from 10.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the network announce at their upfronts that I am… Roxy and Part Time Private Eyes will return in 2020.

I’m still disappointed that Catfish Australia didn’t get a look in for Pilot Week, as I think it would’ve been a good fit for the network if it was done well.

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Finally got around to seeing this. Definitely the best of the Pilot Week offerings. It was a bit patchy but has potential. Hope it gets a chance to develop further


Maybe 5+ years ago when the original show was creating buzz, it’s prime has long past.


Note to 10:

Not all pilots are fit to air!

Pilot week should be 5 shows in a consistent time slot all week.


Just because you shot a pilot does not mean it should air 10

All these piles of shit 10 is airing is just damaging their brand


To be fair that is an opinion. I liked all the pilots. Some of them better as just one episode but they were not that bad in my opinion. Crazy Rich Asians had more heart than I thought and Flatmate was interesting.

Part Time Private Eyes (that aired last Tuesday) has accumulated an audience of 734,000 so far according to 10 including encores and catch-up.


Is Trial by Kyle meant to be a comedy ?

I’ve just found ep 1 on the internet lol. Definitely not the same as Judge Judy lol.

Couldn’t you watch the pilot episode and find out?


3 of the 4 pilot shows were reviewed on Gogglebox last week and this week. Part Time Private Eyes missed out.

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