10 Peach - Programs and Schedules

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They aired like 8 eps of New Girl a few weeks back and then it was gone… waste of money ?

This channel is all over the place .

Also Medium will probably not rate well.

Lol as long as they don’t bring back Bordertown or Son of Zorn to Peach lol.


Certainly a waste if it didn’t rate.


Drunk History UK coming to 10 Peach on Tuesday 26th March at 9pm.


This thread is more interesting than the channel itsself!


I thought The Cleveland Show was occupying that slot.


The Cleveland Show scheduled for 2 episodes from 9:30pm, eps 4 & 5.


The channel needs to go back to how it was when they had Bob’s Burgers etc 2 years ago. When it launched up until 2 years ago it seemed to be a defined channel until they started losing Fox stuff.

Did it rate better when 2 years ago ?

They need to get back Speechless, Bobs Burgers, newer episodes of Fresh off The Boat. Season 4 of FOTB I think they haven’t shown yet.

Seems Seven picking up Futurama didn’t work out , I think I heard it has been removed?


You heard wrong. Futurama is still there.


They just need some more original first run content rather than repeats all the time


Same for the main channel, eg repeats of Bondi Rescue or Graham Norton. Repeats should only be for the so called non ratings period.


wrong thread but in response to several replies above

You did hear something, but not that.

I commented a couple of weeks ago that Seven bumped it to late night. However they returned it the following week back to 8pm.

Last week they didn’t air new American Dad, but it and re-runs are back this week at 10pm.


There must be some animations they could air on one night eg Cleveland Show, Bob’s Burgers and perhaps Brickleberry if rights are available.


UK or US?




@killy06 where did you see it, as I can’t see the schedule any further than next Sunday


The description looks like the US version to me but who knows.


According to TV Week it does look like the US version, Glennc.

But @killy06 knows all so I don’t dare question the champ :wink:


The guide I’ve seen suggests it is Drunk History US that aired there on July 9 2013.


TV Week guide lists its as Drunk History: Washington DC.


10 got rights back by the looks of it, 20C Fox? Must be on good terms again now.