10 Peach - Programs and Schedules

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Brides Of Beverly Hills


It sucks its not Beverly Hills 90210


Thanks, I knew it was something new I’m just having a Monday night brainfade.



Peach still have their Christmas themed display picture on their social profiles… it’s already February.


I wonder whether an australian version of ET with Angela Bishop and Richard Reid would work on Peach. Take relevant stories from the US Version, as well as their own stories and also extended versions of interviews from Studio 10 etc.

Have it pre-recorded and air it 6pm Weeknights. Could be a good alternative to the 6pm News…


The recent attempt to have Entertainment Tonight on 10 Peach at 6pm wasn’t successful.

Also, an Aussie version in 1999 with Richard Wilkins and Marie Patane on Nine, with content from the American show was a big flop.


Choose one.


Well given they are talking about 2 different things bit unfair to pick one.
I agree with Jbar, think it would be a massive flop to revisit the 1999 idea, and the 2018-19 ET at 6pm idea flopped too so no point revisiting it.


It’s both.

I’m talking about the original American version which screened until a couple of weeks ago on 10 Peach not rating very well

The old Australian version rated worse than original and was axed. Using footage from the original inserted into the Aussie one was very time consuming and looked clunky. It’ll be even harder these days because the hosts often talk to other presenters live on location.


I wonder if the UK version of Skins or the US version of Shameless would do alright on this channel.


Skins was already shown on SBS.


Half the content on this channel has already screened elsewhere.


10 have a new kids show coming to 10 Peach, it’s called Gamify and produced out of Brisbane in the Mt Coot-tha studios and hosted by Jesse Baird from Totally Wild.

GAMIFY is the ultimate live action video game but with a twist. Players don’t play the game; they are the game. Players star as the heroes in their own action-packed scenes boasting epic fun, massive action and incredible kids pushing themselves to complete their mission and beat the game.


I thought Foxtel had picked up Bob’s Burgers apparently not. Ten don’t seem to want it.

Bob’s Burgers has been renewed for a 10th season by FOX. Since changes with the FOX output deal in Australia the show is now homeless, locally.

Maybe it might appear on Netflix .


Foxtel has shown episodes that Eleven didn’t. I don’t think Peach has anything to pair with Bob’s Burgers anyway.


Paging Dr @Bort.


The TV guide has the show slated for a 9:24pm start following ‘I Hate Valentine’s Day’ with a running time of 33 minutes with ads.


Dancing With The Stars encore 9pm tonight according to their Facebook page.

According to 10Play’s page Queer Eye is 10.35pm Friday.

Also New Girl did not air last night No episodes on Tenplay this week . 6 episodes of 2.5 men aired instead and 3 were repeats of the same episode !

Supernatural is on a break but not sure why they are dropping New Girl… why did I bother watching it when they cancel it . Just like Malcolm in the Middle and Mike and Molly Ten shuffles it and not know where to put it .


Peach have a new weeknight line up it seems:
6pm Frasier (WIN- Pointless)
630 Neighbours
7pm Raymond
730 2.5 Men / Fri appears to be Rules of Engagement
9pm various programs
1130 Corden (except for Tues where it is midnight)