10 Peach - Programs and Schedules

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Interesting pick-up for 10 since it’s a Fox title and distributed through 20th Television.


So they got the rights back to this show ? Did they ever air all the episodes including the final season? Hope it is on Tenplay !!

Odd that you can live stream every channel except 10 Peach :frowning:


10 only stream select programming from 10 Bold as well, generally just sporting events.

I’d say with some money invested into the technology side of the business, including on overhaul of 10 play (coming soon) that we could expect to see this feature available sooner rather than later.


Looks like Entertainment Tonight has suddenly been dropped from the 6pm slot on 10 Peach. Frasier repeats were back tonight yet again.


Bizarre scheduling. Why are they giving Neighbours such a rubbish lead in?

10 Peach is a rating desert. Apart from Neighbours, nothing appeals in primetime at all. They need to perhaps have more first run children/youth shows from overseas occupying daytime and primetime rather than just repeating Frasier and Raymond 20000 times.

Murphy Brown and The Conners would be a good fit for 10 Peach.


I think they are even showing Fresh Off The Boat from the very beginning as well.


So the fact that FOTB and NG are back in repeat form must mean that Ten and 20 C Fox have a deal going again?

They need to get Speechless back too.


I don’t like these either but Frasier actually rates well. Even at 5/5.30pm it was appearing in the top 20 list and does well in the demos.


Was it The Flash that filled this timeslot before the ‘summer randomness’ that had a movie on at 8.30?
Where were they up to?


Did they finish airing The Flash?

Also searching New Girl and Fresh off the Boat on 10Play shows a few articles and a trailer for New Girl, I wonder if the repeats will be shown on 10 Play.


Not sure i follow, “interesting”?


Interesting because 10 broke their contract with Fox and lost all the content. Now two years later, they have Fox content again so they ust have signed some sort of new contract.


Oh okay, got cha :slight_smile: Well to spare the MS output deal merry go round which I usually instigate, I’ll tag @Bort I believe 10 re-negotiated with 20C Fox (they regained another show from their original output deal didn’t they last year, I forget which) and all networks are on the record as saying they’re all doing ‘cherry pick’ licensing as opposed to full outputs.


Malcolm in the middle?


It wasn’t the huge US hit that ended up flopping here was it, This Is Us?


It was both. Ten picked up about three shows last year and now it seems like there’s a handful more.


Maybe they could get The Simpsons back and strip it at 6pm???


I think 10 Peach has all the dreg shows that Seven and Nine rejected and that’s how they ended up with it. Simpsons do well on 7Mate (as well as Family Guy etc) so I don’t see it coming back soon. Wouldn’t mind seeing it on 10 Peach though given that they need new content.


Hope they can get Bob’s Burgers back, even if in repeats. I think Foxtel now has it first run.

Would be good if they could get Archer for 10Peach, (think ABC 2 has repeats though),

Shows like Corner Gas Animated , Brickleberry etc.

If they could get free to air rights to Final Space another idea, although this is a Netflix original it is from TBS .