10 Peach - Programs and Schedules


During tonight’s Entertainment Tonight they ran a promo for Entertainment Tonight weeknights at 6pm.

Der! They’re bloody hopeless, aren’t they?


They’re promoting it, no? :man_shrugging:t3: Haha



That’s awfully peachy…,lol


Two and A Half Men begins Monday January 7 2019 at 7pm. Monday to Thursday.


Even the more reason to not watch this channel lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I swear I saw repeats of 2.5 men on Nine .


Only about a million times but what’s your point?


Perhaps that it’s still on Nine and GO! as of this week?


As far as I can tell, the final episode of Two and a Half Men on Nine is on Mon 31 Dec at 2.30am. Isn’t any in the schedule next week as far as I can see.


I’d like to see American Housewife on 10 Peach.


Loop NYE special tonight


Should have had this on 10.


I agree. It mightn’t be fireworks, but at least it’d make for a decent NYE alternative to the oft-repeated movies (For example, exactly what’s so special about Can’t Stop The Music for it to be an annual tradition on Nine?) the other major commercial channels are airing!



Is 10 Peach being renamed 10 Pork?






New Girl repeats from Season One on 10 Peach from Monday 21 January 2019.