10 Peach - Programs and Schedules

The formula of scheduling a limited number of proven hit shows is obviously profitable. Look at US cable channels these days, they run blocks of 6 or more episodes of the same program in a row with the gaps filled by infomercials.


The more programs on the schedule, the more the network has to pay in broadcast fees.

10 Peach’s schedule strategy is extremely successful in its target demo of 16-39. It also is regularly the number one multi in 25-54 each week.

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Ugh! 2 hours of repeats of the same program. I think 10Peach will start to sink alongside 10Bold now.


US sitcom repeats don’t seem to worry the viewers.


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I don’t think 30mins of programming a day is going to make much difference.

It might not deserve to rate with the crap they are showing, but clearly the audience likes it.

They need to slowly introduce newer sitcoms to the line up and evolve the schedule, but judging by the slow decline of 10 Bold, they won’t.

Obvious choice. It makes sense to replace Neighbours with Friends, with Neighbours currently squished in between the show.

It was always going to be Friends that replaced Neighbours. There was no other option unless they moved up the episodes and had 3 in a row instead of one, break and then two more.

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There’s a rumour going around that 10Peach is rebranding to 10Friends next week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Get in before they rename it 10 Bang :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Would be good if they added new stuff like the sitcom Call Me Kat.

Is that the awful remake of Miranda?

It would be better if they got shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Young Sheldon etc to complement their current comedy lineup. Would give them a bit more diversity in terms of shows whilst keeping in line with the target demographic of the channel.

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So Bob Hearts Abishola isn’t keeping in with the target demo either?

Nope. Its target audience isn’t the same as those that watch Friends, Big Bang, Brooklyn etc.

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Now that Neighbours has finished and replaced by the umpteenth rerun of Friends, I wonder what kind of Aussie content 10 Peach is going to have. The best scenario would be classic Neighbours and past seasons of 10 dramas like Offspring, Puberty Blues etc but they’ll probably just chuck the good ol’ reality encore and call it a day.

That’s when good Neighbours becomes good Friends.


Careful Knoxy doesn’t find out you’ve taken his article name :rofl:

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For me there will really be a void at 6.30pm. I guess I’ll just have to watch the news…