10 Bold - Programs and Schedules


Honestly the best way Ten could have handled it, especially the way the statement was worded. Makes Nine/Fairfax look petty despite a pretty major balls-up by 10’s legal team.


“It’s better to be bold than bossy” featuring in station idents.

First branding elements seen after the change - promos, idents.


Seeing that promo, I didn’t realise that 10 got the rights to CSI Miami.


It’s all on 10 All Access.


The Bondi Rescue promo never gets old.

Was there ever a version with the ‘solid O’ logo?


I like the font it looks really good not a bad design at all.


I don’t know… I think I preferred the font they used for BOSS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Walker Texas Ranger must be very cheap, because I’m sure it’s not popular enough to warrant four episodes in a row on Friday nights plus single episodes screening every other weeknight.

Surely with CBS on board it can manage a line-up of slightly more depth??


Or in the eyes of 10 executives, rate ‘very well’.

Joking of course, I agree with the notion of putting forward some bold (pardon the pun) and innovative programming for the channel that is Bold in name.


To be precise 3-4 eps on Friday depending on UFC: Countdown


Or for the fourth launch as 10 BOLD either.

The logo has changed to 10 BOLD all over the promo but it remains with the original logo on the truck. :joy:


10 Bold’s ratings seem massively up on One’s - it’s shot up to become one of the top multi channels!

Don’t know if it’s the new brand, all the press the Boss/Bold court case got or the tweak to programming - but on glance it looks like ratings are uop about 50-60% overall to me


Bold’s gain is Peach’s loss.


I would say it has a lot to do with NCIS repeats and Summer. Now 10 are taking some of the NCIS repeats for Sundays it will be interesting to see how it goes.


Summer non-ratings.


I can’t see that big a change looking at the weekly average ratings for 10Blod over the 5 weeks of summer programming compared to the same weeks of the previous year. However 10Bold was the top multichannel for week 1 of this year so perhaps there is a trend emerging.

Two things that make the comparison hard - ONE had the Big Bash in Perth last year that pushed up its ratings and this year Nine’s multichannels are well down due to tennis coverage.


I’m guessing it is possibly a WIN thing but anyway.
Amy idea why the 7.30 NCIS has been replaced by Kojak on Wed and Magnum PI on Thu?


There’s your answer.


So it’s a WIN thing, a mistake, or something else?