10 Bold Drama - Programs and Schedules

9Gem is a great channel. They have everything from True Crime, Documentaries, Sport, Drama and Movies. It’s miles better than 7Two or 10Bold IMO.

If 10 is able to pick up other US drama series that were co-produced by CBS Studios to give more variety to the line-up, that will be great.

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I agree. I don’t mind 10Bold’s name. Not so much to 10Peach (just doesn’t suit it).

I used to watch 10Bold quite regularly with the NCIS Franchise (particularly LA), but after watching them quite regularly, i seem to watch less of them these days.

I do watch the odd A-League match on Saturday nights though. Note: the “Socceroos Magazine Show” is airing this Wednesday at 10.30pm. Not like 10 is going to promote this!

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As mentioned in the 10 Peach and 10 Programming thread, this has now been confirmed by the network.


If it’s a step towards dropping Bold and Peach then it’s understandable but extending their names is stupid.

It’s also crazy to be limiting themselves. So what happens to all the reality show repeats they show on these channels? They won’t fit the branding.


But Neighbours, a drama, will still be showing on 10 Peach Comedy. Fantastic move! /s


The realties will move to 10 Nick Reality?


Also there’s no good thread for this discussion, but I do assume they’ll drop Bold and Peach eventually entirely.

Wonder why they didn’t go with Comedy Central branding for 10 Peach?


Maybe they should have stuck with Eleven and had Twelve and Thirteen as additional channels.


Comedy Central
Paramount Drama
Paramount Channel

All better uses of existing IP and demonstrating the brand than this mess. Or as TVT says 10comedy and 10drama but to me that makes them sound like FAST channels


Maybe they think they won’t be associated with Paramount for much longer so don’t want to launch channels as such in case they have to rebrand again with a new owner?

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So what happens if there is no longer a connection between Paramount and 10 if the FTA assets are sold off?

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Companies get sold all the time and peices broken off, but you still utilise all the IP you have at the time. 10 is deeply embedded Paramount now even through their management. Makes sense to use the IP.

They’ll still be linked with Paramount+ and Nick as it is anyway.

Not necessarily.

10 Gecko Sport will be next :joy:


Wikipedia said it’s happening so it must be true!!!


Is it possible that The Young and Restless and Days of our Lives would be aired on Bold instead of the main channel?

Will Bold and Peach be changing their logos?

Yes. Pictures of both of the logos from the TV Week guide can be seen above, and in the Peach thread.

10 Bold Drama sounds like a real mouthful to say.