10 All Access

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I cancelled and for the offer but rejected it :crazy_face:. Even for two Months free access I hardly saw anything worth watching lol


CSI Cyber – the first season has only 13 episodes available of the 22 that were made.

I’m having to use Daily Motion to watch the 2 missing eps of 90210 (2008 series) of Season 1, luckily that was all that was missing.

Should be $5 a month.

Maybe… I found this on a search online

I am a CBS All Access subscriber and just got off the phone with their customer service department due to a very similar complaint.

Don’t be fooled though, even as a subscriber there are many shows with missing episodes and sometimes even missing seasons, in my case it was JAG & Young Sheldon but there are many other examples.

CBS told me that there are often copyright issues with the show owners including songs that are heard in various episodes that they were unable to license the rights to and therefore the whole episode gets pulled. The Hollyweird finance world is a disorganized,fragmented, and tangled ball of greed that sometimes never resolves itself ever, as is the case with shows such as Happy Days which ended in the 80’s and still to this day hasn’t been able to resolve all their licensing and copyright issues which has resulted in only 6 out of 11 seasons being available to the public.


same happens with Australian shows. more often than not they’ll only purchase the rights for domestic broadcast (the base package say) and have to add on SVOD, streaming etc.


Surely it would be better to just drop the show altogether if they can’t get the rights to every episode.

When you’re charging your customers for your service, “sorry, we don’t have the rights to every episode” doesn’t really cut it. Whatever the reason, you’ll just end up with pissed off customers.

You don’t see Netflix or Stan missing individual episodes.


some is better than none?


Not really, what’s the use of having incomplete shows on a streaming service? It just encourages piracy if people want to see the missing episodes.


No way. That’s ridiculous. If I’m going to watch a series I’m going to want to see all the episodes. Silly notion to think people are going to just skip episodes. Cheap and nasty. They need to get rid of the shows that aren’t complete or find a way to complete them.


The shows with missing episodes have the same missing episodes on CBS All Access eg Everybody Hates Chris.


Have they said why these shows are missing episodes? As someone above said, Netflix and Stan don’t do this and would absolutely be crucified if they pulled this stunt.


I will ask .

I dunno, Amazon Prime several months ago had a similar issue with episodes missing of quite a few shows but they did eventually add them. Not sure it was a licensing issue though. They uploaded Married With Children and heaps of episodes were missing but I think it was a glitch as it affected several shows like Falling Water had the final episode missing , The Path had 1 or 2 missing episodes for a month or so before they were added.

My guess is it is some error.

I have written to them now, will see what they say.


I recently watched all of Community & Parks and Recreation on Stan and up to the most recent series of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix. If all of the episodes had not been available I would have been extremely annoyed. CBS/Ten has to make every episode of every series available - otherwise don’t bother.


No. Why would I want to watch an incomplete season?



So you’ve graduated from Greendale now? Well done!


Thank you for contacting 10 All Access!

We appreciate your viewership! Due to licensing restrictions, 10 All Access only retains rights to certain episodes of Everybody Hates Chris. Our rights may expire for certain shows/episodes, which is why there are some episodes removed.

We’re always working to expand our content to make more seasons and episodes available.

Thanks for watching!


Lol what? They have the rights for individual episodes as opposed to the show itself?

What nonsense.


Agreed. I don’t like it at all, wasting 9.99 for old shows and some shows which have missing episodes is not a good start to their All Access package.

Why offer these shows if they don’t have the complete full season? Its 2018, and thats not good enough in my opinion.

Netflix and Stan don’t have this problem at all.

And lol for that standard response - Sounds like CBS/Ten being cheap. Licence restrictions on what exactly? Not good enough.


Sounds more like “10 Partial Access” to me…


So are there any other services who actually have Everybody Hates Chris because I haven’t found it on any other so I don’t know where else it’s actually available from.


Have a look at iTunes. It has Seasons 2-4 but Season 1 is not available, and it doesn’t appear to be available anywhere according to JustWatch.


The are hardly any positive comments on Facebook, they are still overwhelming negative. Good luck Ten.