10 All Access

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This is useless to me. It doesn’t even have an app for Samsung TV, therefore I can’t watch it on my tv. I’m not watching it on my iPhone.


I just find it odd that this is the reason CBS got into the Australian market and this is the effort they have given it. Its not a good start and first impressions matter in the Australian market.


Only one show i would like to watch on that. too late already got it. It’s a piss poor effort from CBS.


That’s nice to know. :slight_smile:

The app is okay, nice and smooth, but it’s just… they made this big thing about it when they mentioned it earler this year , and now to see it half baked launch with shows that not many people would probably care about. 99.1% OF THE shows on there I don’t care about AT ALL.


There’s only 1 place to binge premium US drama, free on 7 Plus (according to the ad). lol.






Ten Network - Programs and Schedules

It has just been announced today that CBS All Access has cancelled One Dollar.


This service just gets better and better


Not surprised, it didn’t get great reviews.

I’m currently watching it, up to about episode 4 I think. I don’t mind it actually but they keep introducing new characters so it’s a little hard to follow at times.




Tell Me A Story has been renewed for another season on CBS All Access, which is great news becuase I just finished S1 and thought it was great.

Also, this from the Head of Content Strategy and Commercialisation at Nine:


Should be $5.99 / month max, and bump up the price once if/when they acquire some decent content


there’d be more outrage over a price hike… especially a doubling.


For what it is it’s a bit expensive for what’s currently thereI’m keeping it though i can afford to chuck $9.99 just to see previous CSI Miami lol for a few months on two services and you never know it will improve over time. With more added new content for Ten All access only.

If they can easily get access to previous of seasons of Neighbours it would be a good service for that alone.


10 episodes of A Million Little Things has been added .

I’m going to cancel, they are missing episodes of Season 1of 90210.

Edit: Will watch them on Daily Motion :frowning: also looks like Numbers has been added?

Only up to ep 21 of Season 1 on 10 ALL Acccess.


That’s shocking so you think there is copyright issues for music that is in the show that could be the reason as to why there are some episodes missing? I really wanted to start watching the series from beginning :grinning:


Not sure just on Season 1 ,3 eps missing. All other seasons fine. Same with Everybody Hates Chris starts off with Season 1 Episode 2 lol.


Someone has posted on the FB page that Everybody Loves Chris is missing episodes 1, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 16, 18, 20, 21 and 22. Can anyone confirm this? I’ve never seen the show but if that’s the case it is laughable, my goodness. Surely execs aren’t scratching their heads going “gosh I wonder why we aren’t getting the numbers?”.

If there was an app for it on Xbox I’d consider the free month but as I can’t seem to find one I haven’t bothered for now.


Lol that "someone " was me . Yes that is true. also only eps 1-6 of the 4400 and episodes 1 4,7,9 and 10 of Season 11 of Hawaii five o classic missing .