10 All Access

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I was just thinking that before, Stan took a while to build it’s content library and sign deals and pick up local content through various deals. How long did it take them to commission their first original show for the service? Sounds like 10 will have some more shows to announce soon, which if that’s the case then I’d be happy to pay for the service but still think around $7.99 would have made them more competitive and attractive from a value proposition and then they could have looked to increase the cost at year 1 when they have more content etc.


Well, that was the criticism when talk of a merger between Fairfax and Nine was first discussed. Of course they’re going to protect their interests in Stan. News Corp will do the same with their interests in Foxtel.


Surprised the service was launched with little to no fanfare, except with an article on 10Daily most probably won’t see… Why are 10 so bad at this with every new property they launch cough, Sports Tonight ?

Surely they could of had a few small Ads on the main channel teasing the service, “Your favourite 10 shows are coming to 10 All Access”, or something along the lines of that in-between breaks or integrate it within the promos? Why not try to build up a audience for the service before the launch, instead of just dumping it to unsuspecting viewers who probably have no idea of its existence? It makes no sense. For 10 it does sadly.

I don’t really see anything enticing in the back-log they are currently offering, unless you’re a fan of shows you can already watch for free on Ten Play, have a liking for decade old shows, or streaming an American News feed. Fun. Why not add legacy Ten programming as well like Seven has, Blue Heelers, Packed to the Rafters and Harry’s Practice to name a few.

I don’t see how they would think people would want to pay for this in its current state, there isn’t much I see as interesting to most viewers. I get that it’s still early days for the service and the new Corporate direction, but I’m starting to lose faith in this new “10” if they continue to operate the same way they did post CBS-ownership.

They say the service offers “7000 episodes of binge-worthy, commercial-free entertainment from CBS and 10”, but if they think people are willing to pay $9.99 a month for the Service in its current state, they still have no idea. :man_facepalming:


I agree the service (10 All Access) is lacking and overpriced right now.

CBS should drop the price, extend the free trial period, but given the lack of content right now they’re probably right to not promote it much.

The lackluster/underwhelming content at launch was also the case with Netflix, Stan (as @killy06 said), Amazon Prime Video, and Amazon.com.au (with it still slowly ramping up now).

I’m as impatient as many others, but I think we’ll have to wait a few years to see how these services pan out (after of course the existing licence agreements expire & migrate), but I’m not looking forward to having to pay for 3 or more services to get the content I want to enjoy.


One of Ten’s past hits, The Secret Life of Us, is currently available for free on 7plus. I think it’s due to Seven’s deal with Endemol Shine (formerly Southern Star which produced the show for Ten).


I’ve signed up but will cancel before I’m charged then sign up again another couple of times with my other email addresses. If it doesn’t get better in three months I won’t bother again.


I’m not even going to bother. Not one thing on there I’m interested in at the moment.


I also won’t bother trying it out yet; I don’t want to encourage them while their service is overpriced & lacking.

Maybe after I’ve run out of anything worth watching on Netflix & Amazon Prime Video, and then maybe just to see if The Good Fight is any good (pun not intended).


This is probably precisely why they’ve taken a soft launch approach. Allow the news outlets to talk about it, get people curious - what have I got to lose with a month free trial? etc.


I’m surprised they haven’t moved across the fast tracked episodes of Bold & Beautiful currently being screened for free on 10 play before they air on TV.

I’ve always though it’s a little confusing having 2 copies of the show on the same service up to different points in the series and would possibly incentivize those watching ahead for free to sign-up if it’s ad break free etc.

(I saw the streaming numbers for the show last week were around the same as the catch up for SLO4YO & Ambulance Australia so there’s a bit of an audience there for it).


Which news outlets exactly?

News Limited who have interests in Foxtel, or 9/Fairfax who have interests in Stan?
Outside of 10 News First, I don’t see any other news outlets giving 10 All Access a free promo.


For some reason trying to play content on both of my devices (a laptop and a tablet) both running Windows, using Chrome, the playback is sort of jerky and stuttering, the sound isn’t the best either.

I tried MS Edge and no problems. Picture quality looks better too on MS Edge .


Uh oh. Microsoft Edge has hacked TV Addict’s account in a vain and frankly obvious attempt to try to attract users.


I wouldn’t even risk the months free trial. I always accidentally forget to unsubscribe. That price for what they are offering is pretty shit. My sister messaged today to see if I wanted to go in with her. When I told her the shows they had she quickly changed her mind. If that is all they are offering they need to make it much cheaper, much cheaper.


shit content by the looks of it.
I understand them not being able to get older episodes of Neighbours (probably a rights issue, especially with the soundtrack etc etc, as some of the 80s had some well known music on em, e.g for Charlene and Scott’s wedding ) but honestly mate it’s pretty shit. To suggest otherwise and even for a soft launch… yeah it’s shit.


A quick Google search reveals

  • Now to Love
  • Pedestrian TV
  • SMH
  • Mediaweek
  • Mumbrella
  • Ad News
  • The Australian
  • Business Insider


I never “suggested otherwise”…

But I really do love any new product launch in Australian TV, ya’ll take such great offense that they didn’t listen to your ideas, advice and suggestions.


No, its nothing like that at all. If you launch half baked shit products, of course the reviews are gonna be shit. That’s the way it generally works. It seems you are taking offence every time someone critiques Ten and what they are currently doing. I don’t have a problem. I get more value out of Netflix and Stan and YouTube TV then I do out of what I see what is currently on offer with Ten All Access. Who wants to pay for CBS News on Ten access when it can be watched online else where for free? Seriously… CBS/Ten have done half ass job mate.

They also promised 7,000 hours worth of content, but half of it’s just shit that can be seen on youtube anyway or accessed anywhere else. Yeah real smart, real turn over. Not.

You do seem to ignore logic when it comes to pop up every now and then.


Yikes. You all take such great offence?


only when the criticism is based on assumptions that just because 10 is now owned by CBS, everything they premiere will be pure gold. That’s the illogical assumption here.

I haven’t seen All Access, so I can’t comment.

As for your assertion that they promised 7,000 hours of content, they did deliver did they not?