10 All Access

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All Access is definitely available on Roku in the U.S.

All I can say is good luck to Ten trying to get people to pay for content very few can be bothered to watch on their free to air channels.


NCIS: LA only has up to season 9 not the current season 10 which is what I want to watch.


Ridiculous that they are promoting “Live News” via CBSN. Shame that they couldn’t integrate 10 News First into this somehow.

Planned 10 News First 24/7 news channel? :thinking:


Season 9 to 13 of NCIS is on Prime Video.

I played an episode of modern90210 on my laptop just to test it and the subtitles were not synchronised to what they were saying… could’ve been my device though…


Android app doesn’t seem to be available as yet.


There is no news content on Nine’s Stan, all Nine News content is on the free 9Now. I think Ten should keep all 10 News content on 10Play and not put any of it behind a paywall.


Slim pickings. Nothing really of interest and not enough content. Compared to Stan and Netflix this looks terrible.


It does look similar to Sony Crackle with all the old shows.


There is only 3 seasons of The Game on 10 All Access despite there being 9 made. The other seasons were made by Black Entertainment Television ( BET)… you think they would be able to somehow get all of them though when launching.

Been through the whole list now and still only see about 6 shows that interest me.


I see a Friends clip based on singing the Cheers theme under Cheers, odd.


With the library the service currently has, it should have been priced at say $5.99 or $6.99


They want people to pay $10 a month which is the same as a SD subscription to Stan that gets far more content and access to Starz/Showtime etc etc.

The SMH is calling it a competitor also saying The launch could put pressure on Seven West Media to consider a subscription platform .

Was this it ? Hasn’t happened ,



So we don’t get the old episodes of Neighbours?


Piece which echos what some of us have already said:


CBS better not resign with Stan after the Showtime deal lapses. They’ll need all the new content they can get.


Stan has repeatedly said that they have a “long-term” deal with Showtime. No one has yet reported when that deal ends. It could be another five years away?


As an oldie, I’ll happily use the free month to watch Cheers, Love Boat, even Perry Mason etc… but there is little else there for me. Do people really want to sit through old seasons of The Bachelor?


How long? We don’t know. It has not been reported. Well when it’s over CBS should leave the Showtime content to All Access.


Take whatever criticism comes from Fairfax with a grain of salt. ‘Independent. Always’ my arse.

I think there is truth to the statement they made on the 10 Daily article that they are just getting started. Stan was not what it is now when it first launched so any comparisons are simply naive.

Personally I like the access to CBSN. I also think the service has a nice clean look to it.