10 All Access

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For $9.99 a month the content just isn’t worth it. Until they have a massive output deal with the likes Warner Bros (think Stan and Disney), their content just isn’t worth what it costs.



This would have been a really good time for 10 to launch a new promotional rate after the free trial period during all this advertising, as already mentioned they really need to slash the rate of subscription to something more palatable for the content available.



The new season of Man With A Plan will also be available on 10 All Access on the same day it premieres in the U.S. in February.

I assume all seasons ? Not just the latest ? Stan has Season 1 only and if 10All Access only has Season 3 that leaves Season 2 not online.

Wonder if this means Ten will no longer air Man with a Plan on the main channel it will be exclusive to 10all access like A Million Little Things?

Edit: Think I will wait for it to air on Stan even though not fastracked , Stan says to me " no dates just yet but Season 2 and 3 of Man with a Plan will definitely be coming to Stan."

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Sounds like uptake hasn’t been strong over the summer… now ramping up the promotion, but the product isn’t there to warrant $10 a month.

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I don’t necessarily think that’s the case, I don’t doubt the take up hasn’t been strong given the product offering and price point, but I think their intention was always to quietly launch over summer and then start promoting properly in the new year which is what they’re doing now. Whether it’s successful for them in the long run, remains to be seen.



I cancelled and got this email:

We’re sad to see you go! Don’t forget, you can resume your subscription anytime from your 10 All Access account page.

With full seasons and thousands of episodes, 10 All Access is the #1 way to catch up on your favourite shows and original series, as well as stream select shows before they premiere on Network 10 and watch CBSN live 24/7.

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CBS All Access have ordered a number of new, original series. It looks the US service is really starting to take itself seriously, so one would assume Canadian and Australian services follow suit.

The Twilight Zone and Stephen King’s The Stand will be big hits if 10 All Access can secure them. There’s also a new true crime drama, Interrogation, two new Star Trek series and a Muhammad Ali docudrama amongst others. I don’t think 10 All Access will really lift off until April (The Twilight Zone launches 1 April with new episodes weekly).

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Does 10 All Access get ET Live?

Just watching it for the first time on CBS All Access and it’s a actually a great, easy watch. Lots of pacy actual entertainment news, live crosses and summaries. Quite impressed.



Did All Access end up having an exclusive episode of Celebrity?



It doesnt have American ads does it? I assume they download it for screening in Australia and upload it to 10 Access before it screens on 10.



ET Live is a CBS All Access 24/7 channel, similar to CBSN. A spin-off of the daily ET show, but more of a rolling news format rather than a 30 minute magazine show. I just thought it was really well done and worth putting onto 10 All Access if it already isn’t.

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I’m not sure. But I noticed “Saturday Schoolies” were oddly listed as the first season.



It’s considered a different show so is the first season.

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An ad on the 7plus Android app.

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I just went to cancel my subscription and they offered me another month free. I might keep doing that until they don’t offer another freebie.



I tried that after 2 months free , didn’t work.



Sunday Night Takeaway and Dancing With the Stars have been added to the platform.

Sadly they are still severely lacking decent content 3 months on after launch, adding more should be a big priority to justify the price and while they are spending some big money promoting the service.



I cancelled last month about a month from today and the only additions seem to be the 2 titles you mentioned. And they want $10 a month for this lol.

Paying for Stan for $10 in SD gets me better value, even Prime Video at $5 to 7 a month is better value…

Also why would they add Sunday Night Takeaway and DWTS when the episodes are available on Tenplay for catchup… unless they are available on 10 All Access for longer?

The rights for a lot of content are tied up elsewhere and Ten All Access has launched a few years to late perhaps?

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I spotted this on a Facebook group this morning. Interestingly it points to potentially having the new series on 10 All Access - although it’s a long shot for now.



Is a dead page at the moment .