10 All Access

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That has been the case as long as I can remember. Every time I have looked at the comments on one of Ten’s Facebook posts the majority of comments have been negative. People just hate Ten for some reason.

They used to have a lot of shows on their channel that I watched but ever since they moved to targeting 25-54s there is very little that I watch on Ten.


Guess it means they aren’t gonna watch Nine then because of Stan.

god I love facebook comments like this - always jumping to conclusion

also it is a shit service, I’m just happy they have all the eps of survivor lmao. I would be very annoyed if I started EHC and half of the eps are gone.


I’d expect that in cases where the same situation applies to Stan/Netflix, they’d simply not have the whole season, or would just skip/drop the show from their library. People are used to those services not having certain seasons, so people wouldn’t be as surprised by a whole season being missing, then to have parts of a season missing.

In effect, by actually providing all content they have the rights to, it makes them look worse than had they just not shown the season and hidden the fact they did have partial rights to a season.

If they were up front about it, rather than people needing to contact support to get an answer about missing episodes, that would be better, but I don’t agree that the better outcome is to just remove a whole season/show because they couldn’t get all the episodes.


Can anyone explain why the 10 All Access app occupies 1.1GBs of storage on my phone yet I don’t have a single episode downloaded (which I don’t even think is possible - how on earth can 10 think this is a competitor to Netflix & Stan)?


I noticed the same thing the other day and deleted it from my phone cause I’ve never used it.


It has now been 30 days since launch, hence the end of my free trial - I accidentally declined the two-month offer :frowning:

Managed to binge six seasons of Survivor, it was a busy and enjoyable Christmas/New Year.

Here are my thoughts:

  • Speed of playback and video quality is very good.
  • Awesome to have 36 complete seasons of Survivor in the one place. A big plus in my books.
  • Some solid dramas and sitcoms, but ultimately there are many incomplete seasons and for the number of choices there are, the content library doesn’t warrant a $9.99/month subscription.
  • Unlike Netflix, there is no option to download episodes for offline viewing. This was a major disappointment for me.
  • Often the credits played for a considerable amount of time before a prompt to watch the next episode came up, a button in the corner would be nice and easier than having to go all the way back to the home screen and scrolling extensively to find the next episode.
  • There aren’t many All Access originals at this stage.
  • To fix their issue with the content library, I would like to see Network 10 do their best to add all seasons of The Bachelor/The Bachelorette (and also Masterchef Australia/Australian Survivor) as well as adding as many seasons of Neighbours as possible.

Will I be renewing? Maybe. I will consider it though once The Twilight Zone is released.


I finished Season 2 of 90210 and it thanked me and then recommended other shows despite there being 3 more seasons lol.

Also some glitch on Season 3 Episode 1 of 90210, you can only hear background sound , no sound of them talking .

Pretty bad that the only show added in a month is A Million Little Things, people on Facebook still asking Ten to return it probably have no idea it on this streaming service.

I’m gonna power through 90210 and Life Unexpected and cancel in a month (have another month free).


Looks like 10 All Access has added a couple of new titles from what I can tel, not that you would know it because they don’t promote it on their socials or via emails.

Late Night Shows https://www.tenallaccess.com.au/shows/group/late-night/

  • The Late Late Show with James Corden (Only Season 4 - 3 episodes)
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (Only Season 4 - 12 episodes)


  • Fam (episode yet to be added, however premiered on CBS overnight)


Fam has Nina Dobrev in it, so i will watch…

Edit: Saw trailer, will give it a miss.


How is this going?

Really haven’t heard much feedback about this service from the general viewing public. I don’t think anyone even knows it exists.


You haven’t heard much feedback because no one uses it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It must be under performing…


SBS on demand has better content and variety than this piece of shit. It’s so poorly launched and really no competition for any other streaming service.

The figures of paid up subscribers would surely be laughable.


I have to question CBS. The real reason for the purchase of 10 was to bring this streaming service in and it seems to be a big fail. I would say the takeover has been a fail to date.


Who says that was the real reason? Sounds like speculation rather than fact. I think there’s a massive preoccupation with tearing shreds off Ten at every turn.

Why can’t there just be a third ranking network that just stays in business without threatening Seven or Nine or other competitors?


That is true it has never been confirmed. But CBS were always vocal about their venture into Australia with CBS All Access.


What they’ve done so far is a starting point. It won’t be the same in 3 of 5 years from now but neither will network television so let’s see how it pans out.

Let’s see what Seven and Nine do in that time.


You are right but so far all I have seen is false promises and a lot of lies. The 50 week schedule this year will not happen considering we have had 2 weeks already without premium content, and it’s doubtful we will see 10 have new content until the 31st of December. Then there is 10 All Access which was a given no real chance. Hardly any promotion and series with missing episodes. I don’t feel they have given anything the money or effort it deserves.

I am not talking ratings in terms of failure.


All access does provide the infrastructure for revenue streams for live sport. For example, ten could get all the rights to the V8 supercars and people would still get the same coverage that fox currently provides. All practice and qualifying on all access and all races live on the normal channels. So it could completely cut out fox. It’s a structure that will be able to compete with the “every game/race etc live” that fox promote.


I think a lot of people had high expectations from the start about CBS taking over Ten. It was never going to be an easy task and CBS were never going to just pour millions of dollars into it to and fix everything.

It’s an investment for them and in the end it has to make a profit. There has already been been plenty of change but they probably have a five and a ten year plan to really improve the place. I never expected a complete turn around. It’s unrealistic.

These things take time and there are bound to be delays and mistakes along the way. It really achieves nothing to blast them and declare everything a fail, every few weeks.

Maybe taking a positive approach and making suggestions would actually be more productive.