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Not a huge fan of Marama myself. Would rather see Jenny Suo take over Tonight. Agree with Melissa taking over 6 weekends.

As well as Daniel moving over from the news chair to hosting on Breakfast, Matty McLean has been doing double duty, his usual weather on BF and hosting SevenSharp with Jeremy away. Matt Gibb did weather one day this week though I understand.


And I’ve seen Chris Chang doing sport lol


Hayley Holt has been away the last couple of morning on Breakfast due to illness.

Anna Burns-Francis hosted yesterday, while Matty McLean hosted today (while also reading weather). Jenny Suo read News.


Yesterday and tonight on Seven Sharp - Hilary reported from Sydney for Harry & Meghan’s Royal Tour with Jeremy solo in studio. Hilary’s back tomorrow.


Toni Street reading 1News tonight with Simon. I don’t think she’s read general news before, only sport.


Where’s Sav? Haven’t seen him in ages


On leave apparently.


I think I saw Toni Street co-hosting 1 News last night. Not too sure…


Yep. A late call-up I believe with some others unavailable. Nonetheless, I thought she was great.
She also did Seven Sharp tonight.


Wide angle photo of the 1 News studio.


John Campbell now has his own podcast on TVNZ called The Story.


Some glossy pictures from the FY2018 report…

Apologies if they’re a bit biggish.


Completely awesome use of the AR graphics on 1 News tonight.


Last night 1 News at 6 and Seven Sharp went without live captions as are normally supplied due to able NZ’s building being evacuated.

Check out @able_NZ’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/able_NZ/status/1062564347959042048?s=09


With Simon and Wendy almost in their 13th year presenting 6pm together I was wondering if this is New Zealand’s longest tv news duo?


Richard Long and Judy Bailey did 15 years.


No one will ever surpass the mother of the nation!


Quite right.



I knew their years were up there but I didn’t think it was 15 solid years together. Do you guys reckon Simon and Wendy will reach that mile stone? Seems they’re doing something right anyway I remember being quite skeptical about the pairing when it was announced.


There was a break of a few months in the late 90s when TVNZ lured John Hawkesby from TV3 and paired him with Judy.

Richard was moved to weekends with Liz Gunn I think.

There was a public outcry… John went on sick leave and never returned.

The matter was eventually settled in court where TVNZ was ordered to pay John several million dollars.

I might have some of the detail wrong, but that was the gist.

As for Simon and Wendy, I guess they’ll make it… I don’t know of any unrest and their rating s are solid if only because NewsHub isn’t really making any inroads… if it ain’t broke…