1 News NZ


No doubt. And great idea to share the numbers/links, Grady.


Simons delivery was Idk how to explain it but very somber. Shows how hard it’s hit the 1 News family.

Took me a while years and years back to get into Greg but he turned out one of my favourites. Loved his one liners and sarcasm. Sad loss. Respect to his friends family and colleagues.


Ake ake kia kaha


Can’t think of an obvious replacement now when Simon Dallow eventually calls time on 6pm


Probably got another 10 years plus in him so plenty of time to develop someone. Maybe a Chris Chang?


As a Brit who lived in New Zealand for a period, I distinctly remember watching the late news with Greg Boyed on several occasions, and always enjoyed his amiable, easy-to-watch presenting style. All I can say is what a sad, sad loss - my sincerest condolences to his friends, family and loved ones.


Looks like former Australian Correspondent Ruth Wynn-Williams has joined the Nine News Sydney team.


I understand she’s been there as a producer (or similar) for a while


Toni Street presenting sport tonight on 1 News.


Blooper from tonight’s 1 News at Six bulletin.


That’s great. The wee run she does back into shot! :joy:


Is that video still there I can’t see anything


Try this. https://twitter.com/iTransmitTweet/status/1043381999505829888?s=09


Another one here too


Ah studio automation (Mosart, Ignite, Overdrive or whichever system they’re using)

Here are some fun camera fails from the BBC from a few years back.


Was really impressed by these graphics used on the News at Six last night!


I’m not posting this to cause any drama and in no way is it meant to come across as racist. But I feel TVNZ news in particular Breakfast are really shoving te reo in our face. Sure it’s a national language to celebrate but after seeing breakfast quite a bit the past two weeks it’s as if they have a quota on how many maori words to say and tbh it’s just too much. Comes across as forced and very PC.

And their Noel Leeming give away is yesterday came across as staged and fake lol


This is the kind of Setup TVNZ Should have had for their Newsroom Set!


Exactly how I imagined it too but my imagination had one large curved screen and on the three side two smaller curved screens


Marama T-Pole has been doing a lot of presenting across all the bulletins for the last month or so. Her reading style certainly isn’t perfect but I’d love for her to keep filling in to refine hiccups here & there.

T-Pole has been on Tonight the whole week, with Melissa Stokes is on Breakfast. Daniel is filling in for Jack, who is on hols. I’ll take a bet that Stokes will replace Peter Williams on the weekend news come next year, with T-Pole on Tonight.