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One of the pitfalls of having game shows leading into your bulletin… you’d think they could shrink the screen a little and have a ticker lurk along the bottom.


1News appeared to have a meltdown at 6pm again. Just switched over and Kiwi Living was on, before the bulletin started at 9 past.


There was no opener, straight into a shot of the desk.

Simon reading alongside Miriama, who I can’t recall reading for a long time.


Using the Seven Sharp side of the studio, something must have happened between Te Karere and 6 as Te Karere went to air as normal


Now transitioned back to the other side of the studio?


6PM using the Seven Sharp Set

Story Failed at 6:01:07
Cut to Kiwi living at 6:01:20
Cut back to 1 News on the old set at 6:08:30

Returned to main set at 6:22:31


1 News Now has had a refresh, looking a lot more cleaner and refined.


Q&A as of tonight now airs at 9:45pm and has refreshed it’s graphics to adapt to the new nightly timeslot. Here’s a promo they’ve posted on Facebook.



Set Looks Great for Q + A!


oh my god, the graphics, set and logo all look beautiful. god damn the neon theme is like my favourite scheme and this just makes me giddy!

Any more angles of the set?


One News presenter Greg Boyed passed away while on holidays in Switzerland.


Horrific horrific news.


Extremely sad and shocked. Thoughts are with his family and the 1 News team right now.


sad, sad news, I’m in genuine shock!!


Shit. Awful news


RIP. Enormous loss. Can’t imagine what his colleagues are going through (and his family of course)- hard to watch their tributes.


Very sad and i feel for his family and wider family in the newsroom

For historical purposes here is how each network covered the sad news.


Very sad watching the tribute on 1News tonight.

Such a great loss as I really liked Greg as a newsreader especially his comments at the end of some stories which gave me a laugh. I was hoping he would replace Peter Williams on the weekend news when he retires at the end of the year.


Same here. A consummate broadcaster who would have taken on that role with aplomb. What a loss.

Depression is such an awful awful thing.


It is some can work their way though this point in life but others find it harder.

This story may be bringing up things for you or others, I would like to remind people that Media Spy has a thread with Australian and NZ contact lines for those who feel they need to contact an outside source from help or think anyone they know might need it.

The thread can be found below.