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I don’t think it was a case of ‘keeping it fresh’ as such… more that Tonight was kind of ‘out of hours’. With everything revolving around 6pm (which is either 5 or 7am in London, depending on daylight savings!) Tonight was always going to be a bit awkward.

(Though saying that I did once walk past Daniel Faitaua, when he was Europe coro, doing a live cross for Tonight…)


Yeah - but if the story/track hasn’t dated they’d still occasionally pick the 9 one which I didn’t get.


I suspect that was down to them thinking ‘ooh, we’ve got the 9 feed, we might as well make as much use as we can’. I do agree with you, though.


Not sure I have seen it noted here but Anna Burns-Francis has now gone on mat leave.

Sam Kelway has also left TVNZ


What programme will replace Sunday?

Damn, we need her sharp interviewing in the mornings, especially trying to get politicians to answer questions.

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Yes, I have enjoyed Anna’s political interviews, look forward to her return.


Interesting comments from Glen Kyne. He’s obviously enormously biased, but I think his commentary lines up with what TVNZ does publically and what people in the industry tend to think of the way it has gone about doing the news forever.

“I would just hope that you finally start to see a change in the TVNZ mindset and willingness to collaborate with the sector.”

He said TVNZ had been a “closed organisation” and a “poor actor” in terms of collaborating with WBD in an industry facing challenging economic conditions.

“We’ve tried multiple times. Multiple times we’ve gone in there and had conversations - probably provoked by previous ministers or previous boards to go, ‘Hey, have a conversation and see what you could do together’. We’ve gone and had conversations with them and [there has been] literally zero follow-up.”

He cites, as an example, a phone call he made to TVNZ in early 2022, offering the same security assistance for a TVNZ journalist that - through its global network - Warner Bros Discovery had organised for its European correspondent Lisette Reymer to cover the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The offer, he says, went unanswered.

He didn’t know why TVNZ had not collaborated more. “I just find it bizarre.”

Warner Bros Discovery has been especially angry about the way TVNZ quickly rejected the idea of a shared news service in February, as a way to cut costs for both businesses.

TVNZ chair Alastair Carruthers and new CEO Jodi O’Donnell attended a meeting with Kyne and RNZ CEO Paul Thompson - TVNZ’s board rejected the idea the next day.

Kyne acknowledges that Warner Bros Discovery did not have a detailed business plan - “it was just an idea” - but one that he believed TVNZ could and should have explored further with itself and RNZ.

“When we explained the issues that were impacting the sector, there was no disagreement. We said, look, here’s an idea and if you think it’s worth following up, let’s have a conversation and put some brains together and see if we can figure it out. But we never got to that.”

He is, he says, “still lost for words, really”.

“I think they probably thought in a very short-term sense that our loss was their gain … that’s a behaviour that we’ve seen out of TVNZ forever.”


Very interesting.

TVNZ has probably lacked the real vision of someone like a Glen in recent years - now obviously Glen has overseen the death of Newshub but I’d argue he tried big time to make things work. It feels like TVNZ has struggled to know how it sits in 2024, even with a pretty good online streaming presence.


He seems like a nice guy but honestly, can’t say I ever saw Glen’s vision for Three/ Newshub aside from greenlighting and then having to pull the plug on those news bulletins no one watched. It just seemed like Mediaworks 2.0 to me.

I’m intrigued to see what Stuff comes up with for 6pm. Good on them for trying something different…


There seems to be a certain arrogance at Death Star - “we’re TVNZ, we’re better than TV3/Newshub, we deserve to be the only channel in NZ.” I’m sure most people who work there don’t think like that - but management certainly seems to. (@FantasticContestants @OnAir i know you two are pretty well informed so please correct me if I’m at all wrong!)


Comes across as don’t blame me or WBD for our failings, blame TVNZ instead for not propping up a commercial rival.

If anyone thinks WBD would have answered a call from TVNZ to get them out of the shit then they really are deluded.


Yeah. I don’t think the idea itself was a bad one. NZ media companies talk often about the need to collaborate more but nothing much ever comes of it.

When you look at the timeline of how it played out though I don’t disagree @Brekkie

Kyne returned to work in late Jan and told from the higherups Newshub to be axed
Feb 21 he goes to TVNZ to push for a newsgathering service
Feb 28 WBD proposal to close Newshub made public

Good intentions probably but too little too late and easy to then say “TVNZ had the chance to help save us but didn’t” when the decision had already been made …

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I think it’s fair to critique the behaviour of a state-owned commercial player, which:

  • Has enormous audience loyalty to the extent that being #1 in total viewers at 6pm has never really ever been in doubt for the entire time TV3 has existed. They’ve only ever had very brief spots competing in the demo.

  • Can choose to run at a loss for multiple years in a row depending on flavour of government (they effectively did this over 2018, 2019, and 2020) - while sucking most of the money out of the TV advertising market.

  • Appears to have prepared poorly for the transition of their newsroom to digital. It seems they’ve chopped the “current affairs” bit out of their broadcast remit.

I don’t think anyone’s suggesting TVNZ should’ve bailed Newshub out.

But TVNZ has long been in a structural position where they weren’t able to fail commercially, and that shows through in their attitude to industry collaboration.


Another news bulletin bites the dust.

After the midday bulletin disappeared last Friday leaving with no lunchtime television news in NZ, the late night bulletin 1News Tonight is set to conclude tonight.

After tonight, it’ll only leave with one late night news bulletin on NZ television which is Newshub Late, only for a few months due to their closure in July.

Deal or No Deal Australia will replace 1News Tonight from Monday 13th May; leaving DONDA with 3 airings per day from Mon-Fri (12pm, 4:30pm, 10:30pm).



Wonder where this leaves Sunday and Fair Go now…

TVNZ has 28 days to appeal the ruling to the Employment Court.

The decision appears to leave Sunday and Fair Go in a state of limbo. Sunday was due to finish this weekend and Fair Go within the next fortnight - it’s unclear if the ruling and mediation might give them a short-term reprieve, at least.

In the long run, the ruling may not be enough to save the shows or jobs - and indeed it may even prolong the uncertainty for staff - but the way that TVNZ conducted itself was an important principle that the E tū union felt it needed to challenge.

Today’s decision is certainly a poor outcome for the TVNZ executives and its board who have already been under immense public pressure over the decision to axe some of the broadcaster’s most popular shows and presenters.

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They just recorded the ‘last’ Sunday today. So this could be quite a mess…


Are the shows going to remain on air? Does this mean the late news Tonight won’t be it’s last tonight?

I suspect they’ll probably keep paying the staff but not sure it’ll be to create anything until this gets sorted.

As the article above suggests, it may be a temporary stay of execution.