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Finishing at 7 still.


Has their been a set date for the return of Breakfast? will it return at the same time as the AM Show? hopefully with all this talk from TVNZ CEO, they will finally be getting a new set, makes no sense to give only seven sharp a new set.


Week after AM Show, back 22 Jan


Video care of NaruTVMock


So with 1 News returning full time a week tomorrow after summer break, what do members here expect to change or hope to have changed?

Me personally I could see a refresh of all programs intros with new footage and maybe with the new circly ring elements implemented into them. I’d like to see a new set and for Breakfast to return to a proper opening sequence. Pre sting - headlines - intro - pan - welcome. The sequence since Hilary and Jack is so disjointed.


Changes are coming.

Hilary is off to Seven Sharp & Hayley Holt is for breakfast

(Did you notice the (not quite finished) mistakes?)


Hilary moving to Seven Sharp is a good move - they’re sure to have the 7pm slot locked in. Not so sure of why her replacement on Breakfast is out of all people, Hayley Holt? I personally think Pippa or Mel Stokes would be better suited to the role :thinking: It’ll be interesting to see how Hayley’s introduction will have an impact on ratings.


Is Hayley Holt a journalist…?


No she isn’t. But I don’t think that’s compulsory for the role


bigger question seems to be how can a former green party candidate be impartial. Hayley might bring back the younger demographic where The AM show was gaining.

I think Seven Sharp will go downhill in the ratings, unless they get a decent cohost for Hilary. Not sure she’s as well liked as TVNZ seems to think. that said, The Project isn’t much of an alternative.


Paul Henry was a National Party candidate, so i don’t see any problem


The Breakfast presenting lineup really seems to be going for a younger and possibly more progressive demographic. It should provide a good alternative instead of the two old dads and mum format of the AM show.

I like Hillary Barry but you have a point is she really that popular? The ratings over the years for 3News would suggest no.


Yeah I don’t see any problem either … some presenters are so far left or right (cough Amanda Gillies, Mark Richardson) they may as well have stood for the party.

It didn’t really work but I see what they were going for with Hilary and Jack … catering for everyone sort of. Guess they’ll find out soon enough if this team is too young and the older viewers head for 3


Shots here of the ‘new’ set, Presumably to launch next Monday. And hopefully with different graphics.


Set design inspired by Nine?


How incredibly bland. I’m all for going simple but really you’ve got to do more than just stick a screen in a dark studio…


Agree. Hoping it was just for promo shots otherwise it’s dreadful.


At least it’s better then Prime’s pantry that probably has as much viewers as WIN News.
It’s a bit dark tho. Would have been good if it was like Nine’s Melbourne set tho.


ITs not that bad, extremely minimalistic though. I still think the desk should be bigger and the platform be a bit more visible so too speak some lit up parts or something. I think the screen is too tall, they could have had it shorter with some overhanging elements like BBC World News’ secondary studio.


Here are some stills of the set