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Can’t see it happening. She’ll move to Seven Sharp though.


Greg Boyed on Christmas Day duties for 1News.


Video Here

Finished at 6:50 pm due to the regualr Christmas message from the Queen.


Melissa Stokes on 1 News at 6 duties tonight.


Hilary at 6pm would be the best move IMO.
She’s good paired with someone a bit controversial like Paul Henry, and I’d assume Hosking but her rumoured co-hosts for Seven Sharp sound like we’re in for more of the same weak Breakfast fodder.


I’m still surprised Breakfast goes on break for almost a month, its 2017, you’d think they would be able to go for 52 weeks of the year. TODAY stopped going on break in maybe 2000. Wonder if Breakfast will ever go always the way through eventually.


It did one summer, perhaps in the early 2000s when Kate Hawkesby was hosting i think. It didn’t come back the next summer. I can’t see it changing.

NZ has never adapted into a breakfast TV country like Australia or the US and no one really knows why. They rate well enough to pay for themselves but apart from Paul Henry, no one has been able to make the ratings needle move significantly. My theory is Kiwis mostly get up later than Australia and go to bed later (hence why we still have late news bulletins and Aus doesn’t).

It’s not just Breakfast that goes off though, it’s the AM Show on 3, the midday/4pm News and late News. The country does switch off for a few weeks.


Its always been one of my biggest pet peeves of NZ television with TV News and current and affairs in NZ going into shutdown over the ‘summer break’. Probably because its one of the best times for me to actually watch this programming and i’m probably not the only one! I feel this year they went on holiday even earlier than usual, especially since they had a full week leading up to Christmas this year.

Breakfast hit its ratings peak during the Paul & Pippa presenting era so its unlikely it will expand to an all year round show with its current ratings.


They did. I wondered if that was to do with new studio preparations perhaps, giving them an extra week for installing and any rehearsals?


Probably just didn’t want to work the full week before Christmas. The AM show also signed off for the year the same day.


Unlike Australia, the compitition isn’t there. They can afford to shut down for a month. If the market was bigger and another news player entered, then they would most likely be forced to stay on air.


Most of the time the shutdown is 4 weeks which is standard annual leave for standard nz contracts. So the staff can take time off in bulk so you don’t have the need for people to time off during the year.


1 News at 6 unable to start as planned due to fire evacuation. They’ve been out since 5:15pm.

A title card was shown explaining the absence of the bulletin and for now, a Matt Gibb documentary segment (missed the name) is airing.



Its Kiwi LIVING, currently 6:17pm still no bulletin.


Bulletin has commenced at 6:29pm.

Intrigued to see whether they go down to half hour or if they do a full hour and bump the other shows back




And…interestingly, given the wild stormy wet weather around the country today, one of the Kiwi Living segments was on flooding in Queenstown in 1999 and property that has changed since.


I saw that and thought it was the opener of the show for today.

I am working in getting video of what happened on air


Also looks like a compressed bulletin no ad breaks as of yet. News then weather preview then sports.