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I think we have a winner for the most pointless live cross, I don’t really know what the point of that was, there wasn’t any atmosphere or vibe happening at the time and the venue hasn’t played a key part in this world cup at all. The distance between Eden Park to Stade de France is 18,529 km :joy:


Live from a venue where absolutely nothing is happening, on the other side of the world…


They were using Eden Park as a live site for people to watch the final on Sunday morning, that’s why they would’ve been there in the first place - but I agree, to use it as a live cross the night before seems a little daft otherwise, with the stadium empty.

Oh how they wished they had something like a Sunday edition of Breakfast so it was a touch more relevant :stuck_out_tongue: (although I know the Sunday morning ad ban makes that difficult).


Wendy Petrie hosting the 6pm bulletin tonight


Nice - shame about the backdrop photo :nauseated_face:


Matty McLean will leave Breakfast at the end of the year; will join PJ Harding to host The Hits Drive on NZ radio in 2024.


I think the program will be better for this change IMO.

Media Insider: ‘Finally this face-for-radio is where it belongs! I’m so excited.’

I mean, not exactly untrue but doesn’t really need to be said or used as a byline.

Assume you meant headline.

Matty is well known for being self deprecating on air. It’s a joke.

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Definitely, great to see Matty move away from news, much more suited towards entertainment sort of roles and his frequent fill-ins on the radio indicated this.



do we think they will have a replacement or just keep 3 host

Have to say, if you just read whats in red, it makes it sound like hes been sacked :smile: clearly he hasn’t and I will listen to his radio show cause I have missed PJ!

Also, I dont think they will add anyone else, but if JMay decides to “leave” then I can see them reverting to the old format in terms of host lineup with two anchors not 4

From the Newshub thread.


This is like a terrible episode of The Morning Show, except this guy just won’t admit he was a sleeze and go away quietly for a bit.


Is it? Or is there more to the story than what we were told? If you believe Kamahl, all that happened was he briefly touched someone on the knee whilst thanking them - which is seemingly a sackable offence at TVNZ. The whole thing stunk from start to finish IMO.

He might well have behaved badly at Al Jazeera - but AJ is not TVNZ. I find it very suspicious that the two ex-AJ execs, Paul Yurisch and Mereana Hond, left TVNZ not long after Kamahl. I think some in the newsroom felt threatened by having all these ex-Al Jazeera people there.

Anyway surely this is a double standard? Everyone here was rallying round Phillip Schofield after he had a sexual relationship with someone he had known since childhood (since the age of 10 allegedly!) - yet when Kamahl Santamaria touches someone’s knee, there’s no time for due process there. Oh no, it’s off with his head! Sorry, I’ve got Covid again so I’m a bit snappy today. Still needed to be said though.


It was interesting that on the podcast, right towards the end after they’d played the chat, Duncan said Kamahl had replicated what he’d done (knee touching) off air to him and Duncan seemed to think it crossed a line.

But I am also tempted to think TVNZ didn’t exactly follow due process in their investigation of him from elements I heard in that interview.


What I think happened is that Kamahl being shoulder-tapped for Breakfast host went down like a cup of cold sick at TVNZ. As such, some there saw what came out as a perfect opportunity to reverse his hiring and engineered in the way they did. Might sound a bit tin-foil-hatty, but I suspect it’s closer to reality than some think.


I tend to agree with this. And I think it links back in with your earlier point about an AJE takeover.


Why would people feel threatened by ex- AJ staff?