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Yeah, I agree, maybe easing in Simon and Wendy (or even Alison Mau, as it might have been back then!) during the week. But hey - bygones are bygones, and all that…

You know, I don’t think TVNZ (or indeed, any network) would dare do anything like what they did with Richard nowadays. I know they moved Wendy off 6pm a couple of years back, but at least she was allowed to continue as a fill-in (and now she seems to be the regular host of Tonight, so I suppose she’s kind of returned through the back door, as it were).

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Richard and Judy are both lovely people (not to say Simon & Wendy aren’t) and neither were particularly old, Judy would be younger than Simon is now. Absolute disgrace.


Definitely not - and the Wendy move came during Covid instability across many businesses so while it was sad, many people had been placed in a similar scenario

Wasn’t Judy let go because of the ‘uproar’ over her salary, rather than any sort of ageism? I know there was a lot made in the media about TVNZ increasing her salary to $800,000 after Richard left, and subsequently Simon and Wendy being paid half of that between them. Bill Ralston (who of course was head of news back then) has said in the past that he wanted Judy to stay on for much longer than she ultimately did.

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It was also an issue with being offered only a 1 year contract. Paul Holmes quit for the same reason.

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What does this refer to?

Basically… At the end of 1998, TVNZ decided to increase ratings for their news by hiring newsreader John Hawkesby, who had recently left TV3. The plan was to put him together with Judy Bailey - the pair had previously presented a popular regional news magazine for the northern half of North Island, appropriately called Top Half. Unfortunately, this meant disrupting another popular partnership: that of Bailey and Richard Long, who had presented the news on weeknights for about a decade at this point. Long was moved to weekends alongside Liz Gunn.

The move… did not go as planned, shall we say. TVNZ received thousands of complaints and lost tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of viewers, leading them to reinstate Long on the weekday news after less than six weeks. Hawkesby was let go, and eventually received a multi million dollar payout after a court battle.


1 News political poll graphics shown as of August 8, including an AR view of Parliament unveiled tonight:

Breaking news slide

Studio/ Poll graphic

AR view of Parliament/ colored seats

Preferred prime minister graphic


Not really “breaking news”

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Indeed, absolutely not. But anything to talk up Team Luxon…

That missing railing into the sitting house is dangerous for Jessica. :joy:



Agreed - but don’t they do that every time a Colmar Brunton (or whatever it’s now called) poll result is released?


Brilliant find. You can sleep easy now, @OnAir :smile:. Would be good if a full bulletin (or even just an intro) turns up later.

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Has Andrew Saville done any reporting in the last few weeks? Hasn’t presented for ages, despite major sport events.

He’s been on his usual ZB slots (Saturday/Monday), so maybe he’s laid low with illness

Doing some more YouTube digging and found this (sadly very brief!) clip of John, who is introducing a report from Greg Boyed:

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Doing God’s work @NuStraya!

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A video I found of Sacha McNeil presenting a One News Tonight update in 2005!